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Help! Just got this months Meg & Karyn has made a re-appearance. The problem is I thought she was dead. So what happened to her at the end of Fetish, cause once again I can't be arsed to dig out the issues with the story. God I'm either getting really old that I'm losing my memory or I've just read so many Dredds I start forgetting bits of continuity.


I've just had a look at the Fetish GN an found a Psi Judge saying 'It's good to have you back' to Karyn on the penultimate page. Her reply - Why, have I been somewhere?

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Scojo to the rescue!

It was Meg issue 30, volume 3 June 1997.

Karyn did survive! The parasite inside her was destroyed when Dredd, Devlin Waugh and Shaka killed the bad guy Kigishu.

So she is alive and well.


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Wake, see my last post.

That babe is alive and looking sexy.
Who needs Anderson anyway?



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