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The language of Dredd

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Hey guys,

Anyone know if the language of Mega-City 1 finds it's way into the script (I hear the script is out there, but I'll be hearing it for the 1st time when I see the film cos I don't wanna spoil the story) but a few Drokks & Gruds would be great.

As for the Images that are out there I'm kinda excited, when I 1st saw basic automobiles as catchwagons I was somewhat miffed, but reading the various comments on here about this being the origins of Dredd hopefully it'll work.
I just hope there's some sort of grand scale to the films interpretation of
Mega-City 1, even if the main story doesn't travel that far from one city block.

Going to be a long wait...


I don't think there's any Dredd swearing in the script, lots of effing and jeffing though.

It may have changed in later drafts I suppose but I doubt it. We'll be getting real, proper swearing in the film.

I'm firmly of the opinion that pretend swearing simply doesn't work when said aloud, and they definitely shouldn't use it in the film, BUT I'm also slightly uncomfortable with the idea of a 'proper' swearing-heavy Dredd movie....

On a related note, one of my pet hates with regards to Dredd (the comic) is when writers get too creative with the D word - Motherdrokker, go Drokk yorself etc etc. A one-off exclamation of 'DROKK!' is fine but anything else just doesn't seem right to me and is just a signal that John Wagner didn't write this particular script.

A broader swearing related pet-hate of mine is the use of swearing in videogames. Occasionally - very, very occasionally it's acceptable and lends authenticity, but at the moment it seems to me that games are in that phase like when you're at school and you realise that you can get away with swearing in short stories, so you fill all of your creative writing with expletives. It just comes across as immature and makes me cringe a little.

James Stacey:
I'm with you on the over use of swearing Rads. I had an argument the other day with friends watching Sparticus Gods of the Arena. I argued the over use of fuck just didn't seem to sit well as it was totally unnecessary, especially with the lengths they had gone to write the script in a particular idiom. They argued it felt more authentic. Then Lucy Lawless' breasts came on screen and we stopped arguing.

I never felt the pretend swearing in Farscape distracted from the story and seemed to work well. OK so I didn't mind the muppets either so maybe I'm no judge.

Hmm. If there isn't at least one use of 'drokk' in the new Dredd movie, I'll be disappointed.


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