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The 10,000 Disasters of Dort - coming May 2023

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Dash Decent:
The 10,000 Disasters of Dort - Paperback, 4th May 2023
By Mike Butterworth
Art: Jose Gonzalez, Jose Ortiz

"The aliens from Dort of lost their world and now they want Earth!

It is the year 2000. In fifty years' time the planet Dort will collide with its sun and be destroyed. Ratta, the dictator of Dort has chosen Earth as a new home for his people. But first he is creating ten thousand disasters to wipe out all human life!

Only Britain's best scientist, Professor Mike Dauntless, has the mind and spirit to stop Ratta from destroying humankind."

If that's not a Staz Johnson cover, I'll eat someone else's hat.*

*My hat was very expensive and probably doesn't taste very nice.

Don't recommend mine, not after all the sweat that's accumulated the last few days!

Wowsa! Some really nice artwork there.

Funnily enough, here in Murphyville, the word "Dort" is viewed with some amusement, as it is the stereo-typical pronunciation of "Dart" by a certain, posh sub-section of the Dublin populace. (Generally used in reference to the electric rail system - Dublin Area Rapid Transit - that runs along part of the Irish Coast, and either borders or passes through some of the more expensive real estate in the country.)

Colin YNWA:
Another one I've never heard of. Boy the Treasury really is a voyage of discovery!


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