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Seeing as how this event is 'the' gathering of Squaxx for the year, are there any of you attending that would like to catch up on some of the years finest Small Press?

If you are interested I can offer you: FutureQuake 04 (Also copies of 1 and 3 if required free)
Lost Property 01.
Tales of the contrary, stories by Generally Contrary and, um, me! (Only a few of these to hand, but I can always get the good General to send some out)

Let me know below and I'll bring them along.

And if there are any other small pressers out there who want to Pimp here, feel free!


Also, the last few issues of The End is Nigh #1 are still available ...

Artificial Idiot:
I wouldn't mind picking up some small press stuff, as I'm curious but allergic to postage and packing...

AI - they are all good...get TEIN (it's more of a mag than a comic, but it is excellent), All the FQ stuff is worth getting as it's excellent too...LostProperty is great (especially ... nah...can't self-pimp that much)...

and all the rest are great too....take money...lots...


AI: Let me know what you are after and I'll bring it along.



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