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Dreddcon Sketch Requests

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I really like it when people get "themed" sketches - like all the Monkey In A Hat ones from a couple of years ago.

But I can't think of a theme.

Anyone feel like making a suggestion?

Matt Smith as a child ...

The Amstor Computer:
How about:

Classic, Reinterpreted

Each droid is asked to reimagine a British comic icon, keeping only one or two unique elements - for example, Johnny Alpha's mutie eyes or Dare's zigzag eyebrows - and creating their own version of the character.

Who's Number Five?

Judge Death is back from the void, and he's bringing a new Dark Judge with him! What do the droids think this new character will look like? a few more that I'll throw out when I'm not supposed to be working... ;-)

Max Kon:
i'm thinking of devoting a page at the back of my book to sketches but script droids. what do you think?

Max -

In my experience, they've always refused (apart from Al Ewing).  You could try, though.

And at least on of the suggestions here is SOLID GOLD.


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