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Brighton Comic Expo - November - Indie Thread

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'Following on from the success of the previous 4 issues of

FutureQuake, issue #5 will be launched at the November Brighton Comic

Expo. Featuring the best combination of New Talent and professional

creators.  Issue #5 features an introduction by Harry (The Stainless

Steel Rat) Harrison and a cover by Charlie (The Walking Dead) Adlard,

and is bursting at the seams with creative at the new

price of ?3.50.

We are also very proud and excited to announce a new delivery, also to

be launched at Brighton Comic Expo...MangaQuake!

Featuring five all new strips and a full colour cover from some

amazing new talents. One of these is Japanese artist Michiru Morikawa,

of whom John McCrea has said 'She's going to be a superstar'. With a

forward by Jonathan Clements, co-author of The Anime Encyclopaedia,

this 56-page A5 comic will retail at an amazingly low price of ?2.50.

Link: FutureQuake

WoD: page count on MQ to be confirmed...clearly!!!


Who's in Futurequake, apart from the big names?  Anyone from this board?

Yes..quite a few...I'll list some of them later...

I'm not. Didn't make the grade this time. THAT is how good the art is.



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