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The End is Nigh - Again!

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Announcing the second fantastic issue of THE END IS NIGH, the official magazine of the apocalypse!

Launching at the Comics Expo in Brighton on November 19 and 20, this issue it's war as we examine the whys and wherefores of how mankind's favourite pasttime could spell its demise!

The issue features an EXCLUSIVE interview with comic writing god ALAN MOORE! Discussing the apocalyptic themes through most of his work, the writer turns dark prophet as he reveals why DR and Quinch's nuclear fetish was a bad idea, why George Bush nis a bad idea, and even makes his own end-of-the-world prediction!

Don't miss the fantastic full-colour cover by 2000AD favourite BOO COOK and artwork by 2000AD legend FRAZER IRVING! And there's also an interview with JOHN WAGNER and ALAN GRANT about The Last American, and artist MELANIE GEBBIE talks about her work on the film of When the Wind Blows.

Plus there are the usual comic strips, news articles, in-depth features and funnies.

At a special convention price of ?3.99 (normal price ?4.99), you can't afford to miss it! The website at will soon be updated with sneak previews of this issue's fantastic content!

THE END IS NIGH - get it ... before it's too late!



Now that's a FINE cover!

Great cover.

Great contents.


Will order the moment the website allows me.

Aaron Smurf Murphy:
Gorgeous cover there AND and interview with Wagner and Grant on the Last American. Sold!



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