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Mad for Shed! Manchester Meet.

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Boarders of the North unite! As has been mentioned on the Halloween thread there's a comic mart at Sasha's hotel, right in the heart of Manchester. A couple of boarders will be going and it looks like more will be joining us. Anyone else up for it?

Sasha's Hotel, Tibb Street (behind Aflecks Palace, near Oldham Street and Picadilly Gardens) November the 19th. We have the place, we have the date. Now we just need the numbers and the time.

Whether you're a regular a newbie or a lurker you're more than welcome to come along, mooch for bargains, and share a pint. Perhaps Carlsborg will even show you how to play Harry Potter Jenga using hundreds of copies of '...and the Half-Blood Prince' if you're lucky.

Damn you! I'll be at the proper convention in bloody Brighton! Damn yoooouuuu!!!

Love to go Gaz, but Man City are playing at home so I've got a footy match to go to!

As an Ex-pat Manc I strongly support this, but i'll be flogging comics in Brighton.


Carlsborg Expert:
Sashas is good and 'Fridays in the City'across the road have Fosters and Tetley for a pound a pint.Tetleys is bit iffy though.My mate big andy had some and got a dicky tummy.And an old gent said the Tetleys was non too good too.He should know, hes an old mancunian gent,so he is.

Sashas is a lovely hotel with rooms functions and a mate from Pingu told me a pro was hawking for business there.Its got pretty chandeliers and carpeting and paintings on the walls. All very nice. And the mart is nice and big too.


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