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Brighton Comic Expo 19th - 20th November

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I've actually got off my lazy arse and booked my flights so I'll be going to the Expo, are any other boarders going ?



House of Usher:
I'm there, dude.

Queen Firey-Bou:
er, i'm all booked up, but like, in four days any amount of shit can happen.

however, i suggest you bring some of your nice art work mr skull-ring... oh yes, a mcmahon prehaps? and we MUGG you for it.

If i make it i'm easy to spot, usually have a troll or two following me around snikkering & making snide remarks.

I'm there.  Check out the FQP (and friends) table - and buy our various wares...

Both myself and Mini-bolt will be in attendance. Should be a great weekend.



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