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Brighton Comic Expo 19th - 20th November

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Dan Kelly:
Looking less and less likely that I will able to make even one day :(

Too much flat crap to sort out in the one weekend herself is around this month...

Hi Bou, I'm afraid I won't be bringing the McMahon page with me, sorry. As an extra precaution I have confirmed that Mr. Dayglo will also be attending so there's no risk he'll be robbing my place whilst I'm away :-)

Mr Usher & Bolt-01 (and of course Mini-Bolt), it would be cool to meet up, if even for a quick chat. I'll be hanging out with Jon and Steve Turner (Jon is bringing his kids too). The most likely place to find me/us will be a Rufus's stall (I assume that he'll be selling artwork). Just look for the shaven headed short arse wearing a lot of skull ring (strangely enough).



House of Usher:
"shaven headed short arse wearing a lot of skull ring..."

Hmm. That certainly narrows it down. So, it's the skull ring that's the most salient clue, then?


Mark's not a short arse either. Although I won't be seeing him, as i'll be robbing his gaff instead... ;-) R

Max Kon:
be there be square.

I will be being square that weekend :)


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