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Byron Virgo:
Seeing as how our own Bou, Queen of the Board, is making the pilgrimage down to Old Grimy (or London for the less informed of you), it seemed prurient for me to start this thread as yet another excuse for Big City drinkage.

So who's up for raising a glass to Bou during this Christmas/New Year period, and when's the best time to do so? I'm assuming that the venue stays as The Horse & Groom...?

Carlsborg Expert:

Can Bou bring a bag?.?"gageP huremm,cough.

As it happens I'm in the london over new year, from 28th to 1st.

If a date and venue is organised I'll do my damndest to get there.

I'm up for a booze, depending when it is... before 23rd or from 29th onwards suits me.

Ah, go on then. I can make it pretty much whenever


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