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Anyone in the London area feel like a pint on the evening of the 28th?

Queen Firey-Bou:
sorry i don't get there til late on 30th*, but thereafter pints & trips to the museums a go go.

* unless my usual luck prevails & the coach explodes, sending us into orbit, only to land somewhere nearby home ( groannn ...even the M6 would be better ), however crashlanding on someones sheep results in an expensive law suit, whereby , once again, we survive unscathed & yet incredibly stressed and loads skinter than we should be... with no holiday.

I'll be in Belfast, but as it's my birthday I invite you all to have a pint on my behalf.

- pj

(Although, obviously I won't be paying for them...)

- pj

Queen Firey-Bou:
but PJ !  i take paypal so you can still pay , its easy peasy.

so youre like astral birthday twin with juve-2, spookay, and she can draw too...woooo


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