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The Legendary Shark:


Still watching One Piece.  I don't know why.  I have got to the point I stopped watching last time I tried getting through it, so I'm around a quarter of the way through the whole thing.  My second viewing has been a detriment to my opinion on the series.  I really don't understand why this series is as popular as it is and I've only carried on watching in the hopes that it would become clear as time goes on.

I don't think the show is entirely without merit.  I actually enjoyed watching the East Blue stuff again.  Nevertheless, it's not funny and just keeps repeating the bad jokes it has.  It can look ugly as sin more often than it should.  It is full of battle manga tropes.  It's not all that inventive.  It drags things out too long... etc. etc.  Frankly, regardless of how things go from here on out and how far I can manage to get through the series, I'm not going to ever think it deserves its popularity.  It's pretty mediocre.

I love One Piece myself, but everybody clicks with different stuff. Has a pretty unique vibe and style. I do find in the second half (say after ep 400 or 500) the pacing of the adaptation slowed down too much, so I switched to reading the manga.

Lately I've been enjoying Doom Patrol, pretty charming and also intense. Just a well done comic serial show.

The Legendary Shark:

Night Sky. J. K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek star as a retired couple with a 20 year old secret - hidden under their garden shed is a portal to another planet. That's the set up, I'll leave it for you to discover the rest. Excellent little show. Recommended.

The Legendary Shark:

The Night Manager. Tom Hiddleston (with the help of Olivia Colman) gets his Bond on as a hotel night manager who falls into the world of international espionage to go up against arms dealer Hugh Laurie in full Bond villain mode in this adaptation of a novel by John Le Carré. Nice, tight little thriller - well worth a watch if you like this kind of thing, which I do.


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