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New Judge Dredd action figure line to launch in 2022

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Dredd vs death set now on pre order with zavvi

Anyone ordered from Zavvi this year within the last few months and actually got their orders?
I ordered a Star Wars black series figure that was in stock, took me a month+ to sort out get a refund, it was left at the picking process for 2 weeks & they just kept emailing we know there’s a delay we are working on it, understandable to me because of Covid with delays etc but when they eventually cancelled my order they said Thats they didn’t receive stock & that was the reason for cancellation, shame then that it was advertised in stock & not on back order or pre order.

On trust pilot when I looked up reviews, surely must’ve been a one off? but there was a lot of people stating that they hadn’t received orders & were still they assume understaffed since covid & now couldn’t cope with getting stock nor couldn’t cope delivering peoples orders. All hearsay of course

Completely understandable because of Covid BUT if they are that overwhelmed it would be easier not to overwhelm them with more orders & potential cancellations from myself so that they can clear their backlog from Christmas and therefore I ask

Is there anywhere else in the UK I can order these from? I have checked Amazon almost daily as the 2000ad article stated will available on Amazon but nothing for pre order in the UK

I've had problems with Zaavi in the past with them not being able to fulfill pre-orders.

I'm using https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/ - I think they ship world wide

Dash Decent:

--- Quote from: lincnashOZ on 18 May, 2022, 10:44:04 PM ---    Judge Dredd – Sep 2022
    Judge Death – Sep 2022
    Judge Anderson – Sep 2022
    Klegg Mercenary – Sep 2022
    Judge Mortis – Oct 2022
    Judge Fire – Oct 2022
    Judge Hershey – Oct 2022
    Judge Fear – Nov 2022
    Judge Giant – Nov 2022"

--- End quote ---

Add Judge Cal to that list!



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