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Robin of Sherwood - The Complete LOOK IN Comics - coming May 2022

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Dash Decent:
Robin of Sherwood - The Complete LOOK IN Comics - Hardback, 288 pages, 31st May 2022

Published by Spiteful Puppet in conjunction with Rebellion (Treasury of British Comics)

Lots of love has gone into scanning and tidying up the strips for this collector's edition.

Reduced pre-order pricing.

Colin YNWA:
I've no idea if the strip is any good but that's a mighty good line-up of creators and I used to love the telly show so this amy well get checked out.

Hopefully this will be available digitally as well.

Barrington Boots:
This looks lovely, although it's expensive. I appreciate why it's priced as it, I hope it's not a barrier to people picking it up.

Dash Decent:
Before & After cleanup example


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