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Another solid prog as we have expectations of a Dredd story not fully realized and one story comes to an end.

Dredd – Well so far, the story is going accordingly to certain expectations since the reveal of the other clone. Dredd after the great escape takes out the “imposter” Dredd. So, there must be more to this, but we have one more episode to hypothesis over what really is going on

Hope – This episode mostly focusing on Hope introducing himself with a lot talking. The episode ends with a big highlight.

Intestinauts – It is all out action here as the bots are engaging in the Batlle of the Fatberg. A lot of sacrifice as the battle looks all but lost. And then it is over as the battle is won with almost no survivors. This was a quick and done tale and is always a welcome distraction for reality and works as a filler between bigger series.

Fiends – Some interesting developments as who the real enemy unknown to Constanta is revealed. Another good episode and I cannot wait to see how Edginton steers the boat and in which direction.

Brink – In the darknets of the underworld we will get to understand a little more about how the sect came into existence. Another solid creepy episode plainly put another great episode from the creative team. I just waiting for the water to biol over.

Cover by INJ Culbard:

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I can’t believe that Dredd offing a clone is the big reveal. He does that on an annual basis!


--- Quote from: Southstreeter on 20 April, 2022, 04:16:31 PM ---I can’t believe that Dredd offing a clone is the big reveal. He does that on an annual basis!

--- End quote ---

I know, I keep thinking surely there has to be something more to it than that, but there's only one part left, so  unless there's a really massive rug pull coming it's all starting to feel like a bit of a damp fart.

The latest part of Brink makes me a bit sad that the 2000AD audiobooks project seemed to die a lonely death, as I could imagine the The Unreach being realised incredibly well in that format with some decent sound design. Guess we'll never get to hear that though.


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