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I'm seriously considering cancelling this, not watched anything for ages and only waiting on Bosch arriving, both sons saying the same. the price hike is the last straw, anyone else jumping ship?

Colin YNWA:
We're pretty new to it in the YNWA household - got for the kids...ahem... for X-mas, so not jumping ship yet but I'm surprised how much I'm watching more on Disney+ than this and having Netflix seems to have made me more aware of stuff to watch on Prime. So at the moment I'm watching netflix least of the three.

Mrs YNWA and Girl Child YNWA do seem to use it a lot though so all good to this point.

Trooper McFad:
Not there yet but there’s definitely more “new” content which I’d watch on Disney than Netflix at the moment and it’s Prime that is no. 3 on my watch list. But I’m fortunate that I don’t pay for Netflix as it’s my Daughter but I pay for Disney so we share the logins.
If I was paying for everything then I’d have to consider what’s best.

I've been fairly tempted by D+ content, load of stuff I'd watch, didn't know you could share codes, must ask the bairns if they have it.

Link Prime:
It was a real struggle to get broadband where I live (* The Lonely Mountain), so it's still a bit of a novelty for us for the past two years or so.

I have a Netflix and Amazon Prime account (incl. Alexa / Amazon Music), and the whole shebang comes to €22 per month, which is pretty decent as we got rid of the ever extortionate Sky in favour of Saorview TV (Ireland) & Freeview TV (UK) as well.

Can't see myself dropping either - loads of content I enjoy, easy to ignore content I don't.
Amazon free delivery (sometimes next day to ROI) makes it a no-brainer too.


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