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Star Trek: Strange new Worlds

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Mister Pops:
I have been harsh on "Nu" Trek, but this show is giving me hope. Not just hope for the franchise, but that general hope for the future that Picarse and STD have utterly failed to deliver.

I still have a few nit-picks, this is the way. (spoilers up to episode 4)

Uhuru's orphan back story was just lazy cliché

The security officer is basically called Gandalf Hitler. Good character despite that.

Nurse Chapel should wear her hair in a beehive at least once so I can complain about leaning too heavily on nostalgia

The science is kinda goofy, but in that charming way that TOS did science. I have always said that Star Trek inspired my interest in science that let me understand how shonky Trek science is.

Gregory Peck's grandson does an OK Spock, but he just doesn't have Nimoy's charisma. Then again, who does?

I'll tell you who, Captain goddamn Pike. Swoon. His hair is nearly as good as mine.

I also have a soft spot for the blind engineer. He's that no nonsense professional archetype like Odo.

Number One is #1.

Overall, I'd say it's off to a stronger start than TNG or DS9.

The Legendary Shark:

That final episode's a corker. I even loved the introduction of Captain Kirk and thought the character came across to perfection. I've had to push myself to watch the likes of Discovery and even Picard, to the point that watching them was beginning to feel like homework. But this one? I didn't want this one to end.

More, please!

The Legendary Shark:

--- Quote from: The Legendary Shark on 07 July, 2022, 01:14:21 PM ---
That final episode's a corker...

--- End quote ---

I've just watched that final episode for the fourth time and I think it's one of the best Trek episodes ever - has nobody else felt the love? Please don't say I'm alone in this (as well)!

Leigh S:
Is this still behiind a paywall? 

I finally managed to watch the whole series- and yes, it is very good indeed. Those last two episodes brought the average up considerably for me. With only ten shows in the series, it did at times feel a little like they were trying to show the broad spectrum of types of story Star Trek can tell in too short a time, and as a result the series was (for me) a bit all over the place.

That said, the characters are great, the cast is warm and likeable, the scripts were mostly on point, and the visuals were top-end.

I couldn't help but see some aspects as a reaction against the criticism DISCO has suffered, with diversity being pared back being my main irritant. Did we have any gay main characters this year?

But on the whole- not bad. I'm looking forward to series two, and for many to come. It's not my favourite 'Nu Trek', as DISCO is where my heart lies, but it will do perfectly.



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