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Star Trek: Strange new Worlds

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Do you have to watch it on YouTube, or is it available on tv in the UK?

The Legendary Shark:

I'm not exactly sure. My sources are somewhat complicated.


--- Quote from: Richard on 26 May, 2022, 01:48:34 PM ---Do you have to watch it on YouTube, or is it available on tv in the UK?

--- End quote ---

Legally speaking it will be available in the UK on Paramount plus on 22nd June 2022.

Or using a VPN to appear to be in the US territory and watching the US Paramount version, might work. But you'll likely be forking out for the VPN too. (I had a free one on my iPad* but it required watching ads to store up time. Not a big issue for me as they're not long, but it might bug some people. I haven't tried it on Paramount Plus yet as I'm concerned about paying for a subscription only for it not to work. And June isn't far off really. A nuisance it's not on Netflix or Amazon Prime though.

*Which I've now sold. I should see if I can get it or similar for my new Samsung device.


Finally got round to the first episode of this. It's a really rather wonderful homage to Original Trek, without feeling horribly slavish. I liked the Lt Kirk gag particularly, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.


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