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Read on ceefax (well the itv version) that they are gonna be making a film ... not sure if this is meant for cinema distribution or a tv special. Filming in Ireland and the Isle of Man as well as 't North and London to save money. Plotwise Tubbs et al have to save Royston Vassey from something or other... followed by a fourth tv series maybe.

Hmmmm...Dont know if I'm too keen on this as the last series was shite.

Wouldn't say "shite" - but it wasn't a patch on series 1+2.

They took a really great,odd show and turned it into a sitcom.

Richmond Clements:
I thought the third series was the best one so far.

If they'd done the same thing, then people would have complaned they were treading water.

I for one am looking forward to the movie.


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