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General / Re: Specials, Annuals and Gaps in Barney
« on: 10 August, 2010, 10:07:03 AM »
If no one else beats me to it, i have everything am due a comics-rummage in the next few days, as promised to mr locusts. I can happily index the tornado special for you, and anything else you may have missed.
Im reading this on my tiny phone, so havent read through properly, but if you stick a list of omissions up, or pm me, i'll take a look.
But that is massively useful and brilliant and thank you very, very much!
Thanks, though I'm not personally desperate for the Tornado details and Barney's account of the 1996 Mega Special looks like it's probably complete enough. (I do like to keep my own personal use file, where I can bask in the satisfaction of knowing that Invasion, Disaster 1990 and Savage are all separate series and no one can take that away from me!)

I should add that Barney and 'Touched by the Hand of Tharg' have a lot of title/writer/artist details that I don't include on my listing (where I was trying to keep data from secondary sources to a minimum). TBTHOT is a lot more comprehensive about specials than Barney, I find, though obviously arranged rather different. And it does have a couple of omissions (e.g. the Milligan/Ewins 'Max Normal').

General / Re: Specials, Annuals and Gaps in Barney
« on: 10 August, 2010, 09:18:26 AM »
Wow comprehensive! Nice one.
Not quite comprehensive. I never managed to trackdown an affordable Tornado Summer Special (and there's much less on the web about Tornado compared to Starlord and Tooth) and the last Judge Dredd Mega Special is rarer than that The Complete Nemesis Volume 3 on ebay!

General / Re: Specials, Annuals and Gaps in Barney
« on: 10 August, 2010, 12:17:41 AM »
part three (1990-1996)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1990)
Bix Barton – “The Full English Breakfast” (Peter Milligan/James McCarthy)
The Journal of Luke Kirby – “The Dark Path” (Alan McKenzie/John Ridgway, Tim Perkins)
Armoured Gideon – “Starhaven’s Edge” (John Tomlinson/Simon Jacob)

text story
Indigo Prime – “Requiem” (John Smith/Chris Weston)

Judge Dredd – “Sunday Night Fever” (from Progs 416-418)
Nemesis the Warlock – “Ego-Trip” (from Prog 430)

Judge Dredd – “Carry On Judging” (Alan Grant/Cliff Robinson)
     – “Beyond the Alley of the Ultra-Vixens” (Alan Grant/David Roach)
     – “Computer Warrior” (Alan Grant/Ron Smith)

2000AD ANNUAL 1991 (1990)
Judge Dredd – “Sleeping Mutie” (Art: Paul Marshall)
Night Zero – “Lost in Zero” (John Brosnan/Kev Hopgood)
Moon Runners – “The Homecoming” (Sydney Falco [Alan McKenzie]/Massimo Belardinelli)
Strontium Dog – “Incident at the End of the World” (Alan Grant/Keith Page)

text story
Tyranny Rex – “Shadowground” (John Smith/Duncan Fegredo)

Rogue Trooper [original] – “The Gasbah” (from Progs 343-347)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “A Close Encounter of the Fatal Kind!” (from Prog 102)

Judge Dredd – “Top Dogs” (John Wagner/Colin MacNeil)
    – “Jonathan Livingston Dog-Vulture” (Alan Grant/Paul Marshall)

text stories
Anderson: PSI Division – “Exorcise Duty” (Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett/Anthony Williams, Andy Lanning)
one-off – “Resyko” (John Smith/Sean Phillips)

Judge Dredd – “Elvis” (from Progs 53-56)

Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Decoys” (Michael Fleisher/Chris Weston)
    – “The Undeath Project” (Michael Fleisher/Cam Smith, Tim Perkins)
    – “Bio-Death” (Michael Fleisher/Steve Dillon)
    – “Circus Daze” (Michael Fleisher/John Hicklenton)

text story
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Marching as to War” (John Smith/Chris Weston)

Rogue Trooper [original] – “Blinded!” (from Progs 379-380)
    – “Death Valley!” (from Progs 381-383)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The War Game!” (from Prog 386)
    – “60 Hours That Shook the World!” (from Prog 391)

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 3 (1990)
Judge Dredd – “Christmas Is Cancelled!” (Mark Millar/Brett Ewins)
Tharg the Mighty – “The Last Laugh” (TMO/L.J. Silver [Carlos Ezquerra])
Fervent & Lobe – “Holiday on Ice” (John Smith/Mike Hadley)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Tomb” (Nick Barber/Kamilovski)
    – “How to Write a Future Shock” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Bradley – “Bradley and the Social Worker” (Art: Simon Harrison)
Bix Barton – “The Disproportionate Man” (Peter Milligan/James McCarthy)

text story
Zenith – “Arthur Montgomery Ordinary Human Being” (Mark Millar/?imon Coleby)

Judge Dredd – “Cult of the Thugee” (Alan Grant/Glyn Dillon)
    – “Love Story II: Futile Attraction” (John Wagner/Ian Gibson)
    – “Judge Planet” (Peter Milligan/Shaky Kane)
one-off – “A Typical Saturday Afternoon in East-Meg Two” (Sean Phillips)
Judge Death – “Masque of the Judge, Death” (Si Spencer, from an idea by Dean Ormston/John McCrea)
Judge Edwina’s Strange Cases – “Eating Out” (Dave Stone/Dave Ormston)

Judge Dredd – “Love Story” (from Prog 444)
    – “It Pays to Be Mental” (from Prog 468)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1991)
Judge Dredd – “The Juve Mutated Kung Fu Kleggs” (Andy Lanning, Steve White/Dermot Power)
Robo-Hunter – “Return of the Puppet Master” (Mark Millar/Simon Jacob)
Tharg the Mighty – “Night of the Living Thrill Sucker!” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Hollow Town” (John Smith/Simon Coleby, [?Bryan] Hitch)
Brigand Doom – “Scary Monsters” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)

text story
Tyranny Rex – “Touched by the Hand of Brendan” (John Smith/Mark Buckingham)

Judge Dredd – “The Tower of Babbil” (from 2000AD Sci-Fi Special, 1982)

2000AD YEARBOOK 1992 (1991)
Judge Dredd – “Auld Acquaintance” (John Wagner/Cam Kennedy)
Sláine – “The High King” (Pat Mills/Glenn Fabry)
Robo-Hunter – “Killer Grannies” (Mark Millar/Graham Higgins)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “The Arena of Long Knives” (Michael Fleisher/Kev Walker)

text story
Tao de Moto – “Baby of the Century” (Myra Hancock/Dave Hine)

Dash Decent (from Progs 178-198)

Judge Dredd – “The Sleeper” (John Wagner/Geoff Senior)
    – “Impact Imminent!” (Simon Furman/Steve Yeowell)
    – “The Mystery of Judge (Edwin) Drood” (Dan Abnett/Mike Hadley)
    – “Roboblock!” (Simon Furman/Lee Sullivan)
Judge Edwina’s Strange Cases – “Demonspawn” (Dave Stone/Kev Hopgood)

text stories
Anderson: PSI Division – “The Most Dangerous Game” (Mark Millar/Dermot Power)
Judge Dredd – “Masquerade” (Dave Stone/Sean Phillips)

Judge Dredd – “Back on the Streets” (from Prog 435)
    – “Beggar’s Banquet” (from Prog 456)

2000AD ACTION SPECIAL No. 1 (1992)
Steel Claw – “Practice” (Peter Hogan/Sean Phillips)
Cursitor Doom – “The Man Who Died Every Day” (John Tomlinson/Jim Baikie)
Kelly’s Eye – “His Majesty’s Service” (Alan McKenzie/Brett Ewins)
Mytek the Mighty – “Mytek Lives!” (Si Spencer/Shaky Kane)
The Spider – “Vicious Games” (Mark Millar/John Higgins, Dave Hine)
Doctor Sin – “The Strange Case of the Wyndham Demon” (John Smith/John Burns)

Judge Dredd – “Joovz ‘n the Hood” (John Wagner/Richard Preston, Edmund Kitsune)
Anderson: PSI Division – “Baby Talk” (Alan Grant, Tony Luke/Russell Fox)
Red Razors – “The Secret Origin of Comrade Ed” (Mark Millar/Steve Yeowell)
Judge Edwina’s Strange Cases – “Where the Heart Is” (Nicholas Barber/Nick Percival)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1992)
Strontium Dog – “The Walking Lady” (Peter Hogan/John Ridgway)
Brigand Doom – “Death’s Door” (John Tomlinson/Greg Staples)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “House of Pain” (Mark Millar/Brett Ewins, Jim McCarthy)
Armoured Gideon – “Making Movies” (Alan McKenzie/Sean Phillips)
Robo-Hunter – “Something for the Weekend Sir?” (John Smith/Chris Weston)

text story
Tales from Mega-City One – “Animal House” (John Smith/Chris Weston)

Judge Dredd – “The Booby Prize” (from 2000AD Sci-Fi Special, 1984)

2000AD YEARBOOK 1993 (1992)
Judge Dredd – “Parallel Lines” (Alan Grant, Tony Luke/Brett Ewins)
Tharg the Mighty – “Bring Me the Head of Dredd!” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Durham Red – “Ring My Bell” (Alan Grant/Carlos Ezquerra)
Robo-Hunter – “The Succubus” (Mark Millar/Simon Jacob)
Brigand Doom – “Portrait of the Artist” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Bix Barton – “The Mouth Thief!” (Peter Milligan/James McCarthy)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Ghosts in the Machine” (Sydney Falco [Alan McKenzie]/Sean Phillips)
Strontium Dogs – “Dead Man’s Hand” (Garth Ennis/Simon Harrison)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Enfleshings” (John Smith/Chris Weston)

text story
Indigo Prime – “Weird Vibes” (John Smith/Pauline Doyle)

Sláine the King (from Progs 589-591)

Judge Dredd – “Serial Killer” (John Wagner/Simon Hunter)
Anderson: PSI Division – “George” (Alan Grant/Russell Fox)
Red Razors – “Doctor’s Orders” (Mark Millar/Steve Yeowell)
Soul Sisters – “The Dark Nuns Return” (David Bishop, Dave Stone/Shaky Kane)
The Straitjacket Fits – “The Relapse” (David Bishop/Roger Langridge)
Judge Joyce – “When Irish Pies Are Smiling!” (Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon)

text story
Armitage – “The Case of the Detonating Dowager” (Dave Stone/Sean Phillips)

Judge Dredd – “Atlantis” (from Progs 485-488)

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 4 (1992)
Nemesis the Warlock – “Bride of the Warlock” (Pat Mills/Chris Weston)
Judge Dredd – “The Squealer” (John Wagner/Greg Staples)
Tharg the Mighty – “A Moving Experience” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Tales from the Uncanny – “The Secret Month Under the Stairs” (Mark Millar/Rian Hughes)
The A.B.C. Warriors – “Blackblood: Dishonourable Discharge” (Pat Mills/Kevin Walker)

text story
Indigo Prime – “The Loa in the Machine” (John Smith/Mick Austin)

Nemesis the Warlock (from 2000AD Sci-Fi Special, 1981)

Judge Dredd – “Hate Inc.” (John Smith/Manuel Benet)
    – “Kinky Boots” (Robbie Morrison/Paul Grist)
Judge Hershey – “Hov-Bus Blue” (Robbie Morrison/Darren Stephens)
Calhab Justice – “The Quota” (Jim Alexander/Lol)
one-offs – “Carrion Carnage” (Writer/Art: Ilya)
    – “Science King Pest Control” (Si Spencer/Shaky Kane)
Judge Edwina’s Strange Cases – “Young Love” (Jim Alexander/Siku)

text story
Devlin Waugh – "A Love Like Blood” (John Smith/Sean Phillips)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL No. 16 (1993)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Shock Tactics” (John Smith/Chris Weston, Mike Hadley)
Bix Barton – “The Crying Scotsman” (Peter Milligan/James McCarthy)
Brigand Doom – “Gun Law” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Maniac 5 – “War Journal” (Mark Millar/Dave Hine, Dondie Cox)
Strontium Dogs – “Angel Blood” (Igor Goldkind/Jon Beeston, Colin MacNeil)

text story
Tyranny Rex – “A Twist in the Tail” (John Smith/Paul Marshall)

Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Seeing Is Believing” (from Prog 225)
Judge Dredd – “I, Beast” (from 2000AD Sci-Fi Special, 1985)

2000AD YEARBOOK 1994 (1993)
Judge Dredd – “Virtual Unreality” (John Wagner/John Burns)
Tharg the Mighty – “Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Tyranny Rex – “Bitter Fruit” (John Smith/Paul Marshall)
The Journal of Luke Kirby – “Trick or Treat” (Alan McKenzie/John Ridgway)
one-off – “The Burning Man” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
Robo-Hunter – “Slade Runner” (Peter Hogan/Rian Hughes)
The Clown – “Vale of Tears” (Igor Goldkind/Greg Staples)
Big Dave – “Young Dave: The Prize” (Mark Millar, Grant Morrison/Steve Parkhouse)
Tharg’s Terror Tales – “Meat Is Meat” (Sydney Falco [Alan McKenzie]/Mick Austin)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “Give War a Chance” (Mark Millar/David Hill)

Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Conversation Piece!” (from Prog 489)
Ro-Busters – “Death on the Orient Express!” (from Progs 86-87)
D.R. & Quinch – “D.R. & Quinch Get Back to Nature” (from 2000AD Sci-FI Special, 1985)

N.B. “The Burning Man” is a leftover from the abortive Earthside-8/Alternity children’s comic.

Judge Dredd – “Nightmare Man” (Alan Grant/Dean Ormston)
Judge Hershey – “Naked and Unashamed” (Robbie Morrison/Paul Peart)
Mean Machine – “Judgement on Gosham” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
Armitage – “The Fall of the House of Toddler” (Dave Stone/Russell Fox)

text story
Devlin Waugh – text story – “Body and Soul” (John Smith/Sean Phillips)

Judge Dredd – “Spok’s Mock Chocs” (from Prog 614)
    – “Breakdown on 9th Street” (from Progs 620-621)

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 5 (1993)
Judge Dredd – “Cage of Knives” (Sonny Steelgrave [Alan McKenzie, John Tomlinson]/Paul Marshall, Dondie Cox)
one-off – “Canned Heat” (John Wagner/Colin MacNeil)
Brigand Doom – “Eyes Only” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Tao de Moto – “Whatever Happened to Tao de Moto?” (Writer/Art: Tim Bollard)
Tharg the Mighty – “Deathkill 2: The Dogs of Blood” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Tracer – (Dave Stone/Paul Peart)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Brighter Later” (Peter K. Hogan/Jon Haward)
Janus: PSI Division – “Will o’ the Wisp” (Grant Morrison/Carlos Ezquerra)
Maniac 5 – “Maniac 6” (Mark Millar/Richard Elson)

N.B. "Canned Heart" and Tracer are leftovers from Earthside-8/Alternity (and Tharg is upfront about this in his editorial).

Judge Dredd – “Sinned-In City” (Robbie Morrison/Adrian Salmon, Jim Vickers)
one-offs – “Culling Crew” (Dave Stone/Steve Sampson)
    – “Sumos & Sporrans” (Robbie Morrison/David Millgate)
Karyn: PSI Division – “Beautiful Evil” (John Freeman/Adrian Salmon)
Pandora – (Jim Alexander/John Hicklenton)
Missionary Man – “The Undertaker Cometh” (Gordon Rennie/S.B. Davis)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL No. 17 (1994)
Judge Dredd – “Mr Bennet Joins the Judges” (Mark Millar/Peter Doherty)
Robo-Hunter – “Fax and Deductions” (Peter Hogan/Simon Jacob)
Tales from Beyond Science – “The Man Who Created Space” (Mark Millar/Rian Hughes)
Brigand Doom – “The Beggar King” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Some Mother’s Son” (Steve White/Henry Flint)

text story
Strontium Dogs – “Fast Breeder” (John Smith/Pauline Doyle)

Judge Dredd – “Crime of Passion” (from Daily Star)

2000AD YEARBOOK (1994)
Judge Dredd – “Strangers on a Zoom” (John Wagner/Jim Baikie)
Tharg the Mighty – “Death of a Droid” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Tharg’s Terror Tales – “A Man Called Fear” (Martin Conaghan/Mike Perkins)
Bradley – “Bradley & the Baby Sitter” (Alan McKenzie/Simon Harrison)
Brigand Doom – “Baby Merchants” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Babe Race 2000 – “Bounty Hunter Mom” (Mark Millar/Anthony Williams, Bambos [?Georgiou])
Tharg’s Time Twisters – “I Shot JFK” (Iain Simmons/Dave D’Antiquis)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Danger Drop” (Steve White/Adrian Lutton)

text story
Strontium Dogs – “Stix & Stone Killers” (Cartwright Roper, Andrew Price/Carlos Ezquerra)

Judge Dredd – “Little Spuggy’s Christmas” (from Prog 658)
    – “Banana City” (from Progs 623-625)

N.B. I'd guess this is the Yearbook that was the intended venue for the banned Big Dave/Salman Rushdie story.

Judge Dredd & Missionary Man – “True Grit” (Gordon Rennie/Roberto Corona)
Harmony – “Snow Blind” (Chris Standley/Sean Phillips)
Judge Dredd – “Lethal Response” (Gordon Rennie/Michael Perkins)
    – “Naked City” (Gordon Rennie/John Richardson)
Mean Machine – “Son of Mean Machine” (John Wagner/Chris Halls)
Calhab Justice – “Mega-Cup” (Jim Alexander/Bill Naylor)

text story
one-off – “Dead Mean” (Alison Potter/Trevor Hairsine)

Judge Hershey – “Sweet Justice” (text story from Judge Dredd Annual 1988, rewrites by Alison Potter, new illustrations by Kevin Cullen)
Judge Dredd – “Report to the Chief Judge on the Accidental Death of a Citizen” (from Judge Dredd Annual 1987)

N.B. “Son of Mean Machine” is an alternative version of the Megazine serial, comprising the completed art by original artist Halls.

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 6 (1994)
Judge Dredd – “Horror House” (John Wagner/John Burns)
Maniac 5 – “Funeral for a Friend” (Alan McMillar [?McKenzie & Millar]/Rob McCallum)
Tharg’s Terror Tales – “The Operatives” (Nick Abadzis/Paul Johnson)
Bix Barton – “Violent Night, Holy Night” (Barney Legge/Jim McCarthy)
Brigand Doom – “The Magus” (Alan McKenzie/Dave D’Antiquis)
Tharg the Mighty – “The Dictator’s Cut” (TMO/Eric Bradbury)
Durham Red – “Ghosts” (Peter Hogan/Mark Harrison)

text story
Robo-Hunter – “The Hoagyman” (Peter Hogan/Rian Hughes)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL No. 18 (1995)
Judge Dredd – “Dredd Has Been Murdered” (Alan McKenzie/Paul Peart, Robin Smith)
Durham Red – “Diners” (Peter Hogan/Paul Marshall, Dondie Cox)
Mean Machine – “Psycho Analysis” (Gordon Rennie/Rob McCallum)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “We Are the Holo Men!” (Alan McKenzie/Mike White, John Burns)
    – “The Way We Whirr!” (Peter Hogan/Tim Perkins)
Rogue Trooper [Friday] (Steve White/Steve Tappin)

Venus Bluegenes – “The Pleasures of the Flesh” (from 2000AD Sci-Fi Special, 1988)
Ace Trucking Co (from 2000AD Annual 1986)

Judge Dredd – “Raptaur Returns” (Alan Grant/Sammy Martini, John Cromer)
    – “Through the Perphole” (Gordon Rennie/Jim O’Ready)
    – “Confessions of a Vegetarian” (Jim Alexander/Sean Longcroft)
    – “Devil Man” (Robbie Morrison/Jim Vickers)
    – “Sleeping Satellite” (Si Spencer/Morak)
    – “Die Painfully” (Jim Alexnader/Stuart Mack)
    – “Fat Bottom Boys” (Robbie Morrison/John Hicklenton)
    – “Judge Planet II” (Si Spencer/Shaky Kane)

text story
O’Rork – “Triple Indemnity” (Jim Alexander/Lol)

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 7 (1995)
Judge Dredd – “Perchance to Dream” (Pat Mills/Calum Alexander Watt)
    – “The Medieval Dredd” (Writer/Art: Simon Jacob)
Sinister Dexter (Dan Abnett/David Millgate)
one-offs – “The Big Fight” (Writer/Art: Nick Abadzis)
    – “Life Cycle” (Dave Stone/Henry Flint)
Venus Bluegenes – “Bitchin’!” (Steve White/Simon Coleby)
Vector 13 – “Case 459: “Sheep’s Clothing” (Dan Abnett/Lee Sullivan)

text story
Durham Red – “Bloodlines” (Peter Hogan/Mark Harrison)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL No. 19 (1996)
Mean Machine – “Close Encounters of the Mean Kind” (Gordon Rennie/Anthony Williams)
The A.B.C. Warriors – “Joe Pineapples: His Greatest Hits” (Pat Mills/Tom Carney)
Vector 13 – “Case 667: “Suburban Hell” (IG-Remix [Igor Goldkind]/Dix, Nick Abadzis)
Sinister Dexter – “Executive Unction” (Dan Abnett/Tom Carney)
Judge Dredd – “Black Day at Bad Rock” (Robbie Morrison/C. Bravery, Jack Couvela)

JUDGE DREDD ACTION SPECIAL (Lawman of the Future spinoff, 1996; not seen - details from online post by David Bishop)
Judge Dredd - “The Big 5000” (Alan Barnes/Sean Longcroft)
    – “Rats” (Simon Furman/Paul Peart, Roger Langridge)
    – “Mean & Meaner” (Robbie Morrison/Robert Davis)

Rogue Trooper [Friday] – “Gaia” (Steve White/Dougie Braithwaite)
    – “Shakedown” (Steve White/Steve Tappin)
Venus Bluegenes – “Genesis” (Dan Abnett/Cliff Robinson)

Rogue Trooper [original] (from Prog 228)


Ooh, I've wasted my life.

- Kate H.

General / Re: Specials, Annuals and Gaps in Barney
« on: 10 August, 2010, 12:16:28 AM »
part two (1980-1989)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1980)
Judge Dredd – “The Greatest Story Ever Told” (Alan Grant/Steve Dillon)
Ro-Jaws’ Robo-Tales – “The Robot Revolution” (Gary Rice/Trevor Goring)
    – “The Wanderer” (Kev Sutherland/Steve Kyte)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “A Holiday in Hell” (Alan Moore/Dave Harwood)
–   “Whatever Happened to… Colony 9?” (Writer/Art: Floyd Hughes)
Tharg the Mighty – “The Final Secret” (TMO/Robin Smith)

text story
Strontium Dog

The Steel Claw (from Valiant)

2000AD ANNUAL 1981 (1980)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Mumps from Beyond the Moon” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Robin Smith)
    – “The Man from 2000” (Oleh Stepaniuk/Dave Hine)
    – “Duel in the Dunes” (Oleh Stepaniuk/Rob Moran)
Ro-Busters (Chris Stevens/Dave Harwood)
Judge Dredd – “The Case of the Urban Gorillas” (Alan Grant/Brett Ewins)

text stories
Strontium Dog – “Night of the Blood-Freaks” (Illustrations: recycled art by Brendan McCarthy, Carlos Ezquerra)
Ro-Jaws’ Robo-Tales – “Human on My Back”
Blackhawk – “Death-Dive”
The A.B.C. Warriors – “The Retreat from Volgow” (Illustrations: recycled art by Brendan McCarthy)
one-off – “Bang Bang! Said the Green Cheese Man!”

Guinea Pig
Smokeman (from Eagle)
The Phantom Patrol

Judge Dredd – “Pinboing Wizard” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
     – “The First Dredd” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
     – “Compulsory Purchase” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
     – “The Fear That Made Milwaukee Famous!” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
Max Normal (Alan Grant/Jose Casanovas)
Walter the Wobot (G.P. Rice/Brendan McCarthy)
Walter’s Robo-Tale – “Shok!” (Steve MacManus, Kevin O’Neill/Kevin O’Neill)

text story
one-off – “Mad Tooth’s Run” (Jack Adrian [Chris Lowder]/Dave Gibbons)

N.B. "The First Dredd" is better known as "Bank Raid". This version has various bits of dialogue redacted.

Both the Walter the Wobot strip and “Shok!” were reprinted in 2000AD in 1989, in Progs 611 and 612 respectively.

Ro-Busters (Art: Jesus Pena)
Strontium Dog (Art: Keith Page)
one-offs – “The War-Torn Planet"
    – “The Return of the Sludge”
Mind Wars (Art: Keith Page)
TimeQuake (Art: Jesus Pena)

text story
one-off – “Ghost Hunter”

Phantom Patrol
Guinea Pig

reprint/text story
one-off (Arthur C. Clarke story, originally in Infinity SF, 1957) – “Feathered Friend”

TORNADO ANNUAL 1981 (1980)
Victor Drago – “Fun at the Fair”
    – “Terror of the Tong”
The Deceivers – “The Real McCoy”
    – “Pretend Prince”
    – “The 2nd Monty”
one-offs – “Gorilla Island”
    – “Golden Elk”
The Mind of Wolfie Smith
The Lawless Touch (Art: John Cooper)
Captain Klep

text stories
Victor Drago – “The Brotherhood of Terror”
one-off – “Stranded!”

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1981)
Judge Dredd – “The Sweet Taste  of Justice” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Colin Wilson)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Southern Comfort” (R.E. Wright/W. Howarth)
    – “A Space Oddity” (David Perry/Joe Collins)
Nemesis the Warlock (Pat Mills/Kevin O’Neill)
Tharg the Mighty – photo story – “Alien!”

text story
one-off – “Night-Land” (John Agee/Eric Bradbury)

One-Eyed Jack (from Valiant)

2000AD ANNUAL 1982 (1981)
Tharg the Mighty – “Tharg Ahoy!” (TMO/Robin Smith)
    – photo story – “Tharg Gets… the Call!”
Ro-Jaws’ Robo-Tales – “The Pirate and the Polydroid” (Steve Parkhouse/Ewan Smith)
Ro-Busters – “Bax the Burner” (Alan Moore/Steve Dillon)
Dash Decent – “Special Effects” (Parker, Kevin O’Neill/Kevin O’Neill)
Judge Dredd (John Howard [John Wagner], Tharg/Brian Bolland)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Last of the First Ones” (G.P. Rice/Colin Wilson)
Strontium Dog (G.P. Rice/Steve Kyte)

text stories
Ro-Jaws' Robo-Tales

Judge Dredd – “Krong” (from Prog 5)
M.A.C.H. 1 (from Progs 1-3)
Flesh (from Progs 1-3)

Judge Dredd – “Anatomy of a Crime!” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
     – “The Vampire Effect” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
     – “Mega-City Rumble” (John Wagner/Mike McMahon)
Mean Machine – “The Mean Machine Goes to Town!” (Alan Grant/Robin Smith)
Walter the Wobot – “Woad to Wuin” (G. Rice/Steve Kyte)
Max Normal (Kelvin Gosnell/Jose Casanovas)

text stories
one-off – “Desperadoes of the Cursed Earth” (Jack Adrian [Chris Lowder]/Dave Gibbons)

Judge Dredd – “Judge Whitey” (from Prog 2)
      – “The Brotherhood of Darkness” (from Prog 4)

Strontium Dog (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
one-offs – “The Exterminator”

text story
one-off - “Flight Report ZX04001”

The Robot Builders (from Tiger and Hurricane)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1982; not seen - official index)
Judge Dredd – “The Tower of Babbil” (T.B. Grover [John Wagner]/Casanovas)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “Milli-Way Sixty-Six” (Gerry Finley-Day/Eric Bradbury)
Blackhawk – “The Longest Walk” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Joe Staton)
Ace Trucking Co (Alan Grant, John Wagner/Massimo Belardinelli)

text story
one-off – “Pursuit Across the Cursed Earth!” (Bill Henry [?Chris Lowder]/Brett Ewins)

M.A.C.H. 1 (probably from Prog 4)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)
Invasion (probably from Prog 7)

2000AD ANNUAL 1983 (1982)
Strontium Dog – “Incident at the Back o’ Beyond” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Robin Smith)
Nemesis the Warlock – “The Secret Life of the Blitzspear” (Pat Mills/Kevin O’Neill)
Ro-Busters – “Old Red Eyes Is Back!” (Alan Moore/Bryan Talbot)
Rogue Trooper [original] (Alan Moore/Brett Ewins)
Judge Dredd – “Law of the Jungle” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Emberton [Ian Gibson])
Tharg the Mighty – “Leave It to, um... Burt!” (Art: Q. Twerk [Ian Gibson])
Ro-Jaws’ Robo-Tales – “Silicon Soul” (G.P. Rice/Alan Langford)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “A Danger to the Skies!”

text stories
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Bargain Buy”
Ace Trucking Co. – “The Gung-Ho Run!” (Alan Grant/Massimo Belardinelli)

Judge Dredd – “Frankenstein II” (from Prog 6)
Harlem Heroes (from Progs 1-5)
M.A.C.H. 1 (from Prog 5)
Invasion (from Prog 6)

Judge Dredd – “The Big Itch” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Behold the Beast” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “It’s Happening on Line 9” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
Max Normal (Alan Grant/Jose Casanovas)
Mean Machine – “The Mean Machine Gets Married” (Alan Grant/Robin Smith)

text stories
one-offs – “A Day in the Death of Citizen Egg” (Alan Grant/Dave Gibbons)
    – “I Was a Teenage Perp!” (Alan Grant/Brett Ewins)

Judge Dredd – “The Comic Pusher” (from Prog 20)
     – “Komputel” (from Prog 32)

N.B. This year’s Max Normal strip was reprinted in 2000AD Prog 599 in 1988.

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1983)
Judge Dredd – “Block Out” (T.B. Grover [John Wagner]/John Byrne)
Tharg the Mighty – “The Day the World Died (Nearly)” (TMO/Mike White)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “Warheads” (Gerry Finley-Day/Boluda)

text story
one-off – “The Von Ballin Tape” (Jack Hamilton Teed [Chris Lowder]/Robin Smith)

M.A.C.H. 1 (probably from Prog 22)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)
Invasion (probably from Prog 25)

2000AD ANNUAL 1984 (1983)
Robo-Hunter – “Hoagy’s First Case” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Ian Gibson)
Judge Anderson – “The Haunting” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Kim Raymond)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “First of the Few” (Alan Moore/Jesus Redondo)
Judge Dredd – “The Beast in 24B” (Staccato [Alan Grant]/Robin Smith)
Nemesis the Warlock – “A Day in the Death of Torquemada” (Pat Mills/Kevin O’Neill)
Ro-Busters – “Stormeagles Are Go!” (Alan Moore/Joe Eckers)

text story
Strontium Dog – “The Iraldi Job”

Bonjo from Beyond the Stars (from Progs 41-49, plus new splash page)
Invasion (from Prog 36)
Judge Dredd – “Billy Jones” (from Prog 38)
    – (from Daily Star)
Flesh (from Progs 4-7)
Tharg’s Future Shocks (from Prog 52)

Judge Dredd – “The Other Slab Tynan” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Halloween” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Beat the Devil” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
Max Normal (Alan Grant, John Wagner/Jose Casanovas)
one-off (framing sequence for text feature) – “Portrait of a Citizen Under Suspicion” (Art: Robin Smith)

text story
one-off – “Fog Devils of the Cursed Earth” (Jack Adrian [Chris Lowder]/Mike McMahon)

Judge Dredd – “Devil’s Island” (from Prog 31)
    – (from Daily Star)
    – “The Neon Knights” (from Prog 29)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1984)
Judge Dredd – “The Booby Prize” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Cliff Robinson)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “A Droid in Distress!” (R.C.H. Bonsall/John Stokes)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “Portrait of a Rebel” (Simon Geller/Brett Ewins)

text story
one-off – “The Nightcomers” (Jack Hamilton Teed [Chris Lowder]/Trevor Goring)

Flesh (probably from Progs 8-10)
Invasion (probably from Prog 8)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “A Promised Land!” (from Prog 31_
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)

2000AD ANNUAL 1985 (1984)
Sláine (Pat Mills/Massimo Belardinelli)
Judge Dredd (T.B. Grover [John Wagner, Alan Grant]/Ian Gibson)
Tharg the Mighty – photo story – “Tharg at the Printers”
Rogue Trooper [original] (Ian Rogan [Steve MacManus]/Robin Smith)
The A.B.C. Warriors – “Red Planet Blues” (Alan Moore/Steve Dillon, John Higgins)

text story
Tharg the Mighty – “Zragman”

Strontium Dog (from Starlord 6-7)
one-offs – “Good Morning, Sheldon, I Love You!” (from Starlord 11)
    – “Earn Big Money While You Sleep!” (from Starlord 16)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Fangs!” (from Prog 34)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)

Judge Dredd – “The Big Bang Theory” (Alan Grant/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Tarantula” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “The Eat of the Night!” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
Judge Anderson – “The Mind of Edward Bottlebum” (Alan Grant, John Wagner/Ian Gibson)

text story
one-off – “Fog Devils 2” (Jack Adrian [Chris Lowder]/Eric Bradbury)

Judge Dredd – “The Troggies” (from Progs 36-37)
    – (from Daily Star)
    – “The Academy of Law” (from Progs 27-28)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1985)
Judge Dredd – “I, Beast!” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Cam Kennedy)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Do You Copy?” (Peter Milligan/Brendan McCarthy)
D.R. & Quinch – “D.R. & Quinch Get Back to Nature” (Alan Moore/Alan Davis)

text story
Rogue Trooper [original] – “On the Rogue Again”

Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)
Ro-Busters (from Starlord 2-4)

2000AD ANNUAL 1986 (1985)
Ace Trucking Co. (Alan Grant, T.B. Grover [John Wagner]/Massimo Belardinelli)
Judge Dredd – “On the Waterfront” (T.B. Grover [John Wagner, Alan Grant]/Ian Gibson)
Strontium Dog – “The Beast of Milton Keynes” (Alan Grant/Carlos Ezquerra)
Rogue Trooper [original] (SIM-1 [Simon Geller]/Cam Kennedy)

text story
one-off – “Diary of a Mad Citizen” (Alan Grant/Eric Bradbury)

Shako (abridged from Progs 20-35)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)

Judge Dredd – “John Brown’s Body” (Alan Grant, John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Crazy R Raiders” (John Wagner/Carlos Ezquerra)
    – “Crime Call” (John Wagner/John Higgins)
Anderson: PSI Division – “A Fistful of Denimite” (Alan Grant, John Wagner/Ian Gibson)
Walter the Wobot (Joe Collins/Brian Bolland)

text story
Judge Dekker – “The Rookie” (Jack Adrian [Chris Lowder]/Kim Raymond)

Judge Dredd – “The Statue of Judgement” (from Prog 7)
    – (various from Daily Star)
    – “Robots” (from Progs 9-10)
    – “The New You” (from Prog 3)

N.B. “A Fistful of Denimite” is billed as a Judge Dredd story even though it’s blatantly an Anderson one and has been reprinted as such.

The Walter the Wobot strip seems to have been published here for the first time, but might be a reprint of a 1978 strip I've overlooked.

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1986)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “The Fanatics” (Peter Milligan/Jose Ortiz)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Man Who Couldn’t Die!” (O. A. Stepaniuk/David Pugh)
Sláine – “The Devil’s Banquet” (Pat Mills/Glenn Fabry)
Judge Dredd – “Beyond the Wall” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Steve Dillon)

Strontium Dog (from Starlord 3-5)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)

N.B. “The Devil’s Banquet” is an alternate version of 1 page of "Sláine the King".

2000AD ANNUAL 1987 (1986)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “Nort by Nortwest” (Peter Milligan/Jose Ortiz)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Return to Sender” (Grant Morrison/Jeff Anderson)
Judge Dredd – “Ladies’ Night” (T.B. Grover [John Wagner, Alan Grant]/Bryan Talbot)
Strontium Dog – (Alan Grant/Kim Raymond)
Anderson: PSI Division – “Golem” (Alan Grant/Romero)

Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Bounty Hunters” (from Prog 253)
Ro-Busters – “The Terra Meks!” (from Progs 98-101)

Judge Dredd – “Meanwhile...” (John Wagner/Ian Gibson)
    – “Report to the Chief Judge on the Accidental Death of a Citizen” (John Wagner/Brendan McCarthy, Riot [Tony Wright])
    – “J.D. and the 7 Dwarves” (John Wagner/Bryan Talbot)
Max Normal (Peter Milligan/Brett Ewins, Macasso)

text story
Anderson: PSI Division – “The Scream!” (Peter Milligan/Brett Ewins, Steve Dillon)

Judge Dredd – “The Black Plague” (from Progs 140-143)
     – (various from Daily Star)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1987)
Judge Dredd (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Mike Collins, Mark Farmer)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Enemy Alien” (Mike Matthews/Mike Matthews, Bryan Talbot)
Nemesis the Warlock – photo story (Pat Mills/Tony Luke)

Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)
Strontium Dog (from Starlord 8-10)

2000AD ANNUAL 1988 (1987; not seen - official index)
Nemesis the Warlock – “Torquemada’s Second Honeymoon”
Judge Dredd – “She-Devils!”
Strontium Dog – “Complaint”

text story
Anderson: PSI Division – “Dear Diary”

Ro-Busters – “Yesterday’s Hero” (abridged reprint from Progs 88-92)
Judge Dredd (from Daily Star)

JUDGE DREDD ANNUAL 1988 (1987; not seen - official index)
Judge Dredd – “Last of the Bad Guys” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/John Higgins)
    – “Exit the Dragon” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Matthew Jones)
Anderson: PSI Division (Alan Grant/Mike Collins)
Tharg the Mighty – “The Dredd End” (Writer/Art: Brian Bolland)

text story
Judge Hershey – “Sweet Justice” (Neil Gaiman/Lee Baulch)

Judge Dredd – “The DNA Man” (from Progs 113-115)
    – (various from Daily Star)
    – “22nd Century Futsie!” (from Prog 45)

N.B. "Exit the Dragon" is (apparently) the winning entry in a script-illustrating competition.

"The Dredd End" is a censored version of a page originally due to appear as part of "Tharg's Head Revisited" (Prog 500), but pulled before publication.

Judge Dredd – “The Blob” (Alan Grant/John Higgins)
     – “The Fall Guy” (Alan Grant/Will Simpson)
one-off – “The Blockers” (John Wagner/Jose Casanovas)

Judge Dredd – “Weirdies” (from Daily Star)

N.B. "The Blockers" is cannibalised from an abortive series planned for the Judge Dredd fortnightly.

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1988)
Tyranny Rex (John Smith/Steve Dillon)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “What’s Up Doc?” (Hilary Robinson/John McCrea)
Strontium Dog – “The Town That Died of Shame” (Alan Grant/Colin MacNeil)
Venus Bluegenes – “The Pleasures of the Flesh” (Grant Morrison/Will Simpson)
Judge Dredd – “The Gaia Conspiracy” (Alan Grant/Phil Elliott)

Ro-Busters (from Starlord 13-14)

2000AD ANNUAL 1989 (1988; not seen - official index)
Ace Trucking Co. – “The Homecoming"
Judge Dredd – “Joe Dredd’s Blues”
Bad Company – “Young Men Marching"
Sláine – “The Arrow of God”

Tharg’s Time Twisters – “Dr Dale’s Diary” (from Prog 302)
Flesh (from Progs 11-18)
Judge Dredd – “Alien Tongues” (from Daily Star)

JUDGE DREDD ANNUAL 1989 (1988; not seen - official index)
Judge Dredd – “Costa Del Blood” (John Wagner, Alan Grant/Carlos Ezquerra)

Judge Dredd – “Father Earth” (from Progs 122-125)
    – “Pyro” (from Daily Star)

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 1 (1988)
Zenith – “Interlude 3: Maximan” (Grant Morrison/M. Carmona)
The Journal of Luke Kirby – “A Winter’s Tale” (Alan McKenzie/Graham Higgins)
Judge Dredd – “Confessions of an Anarchist Flea” (Alan Grant/Vanyo)
Strontium Dog – “Incident at the Birth of the Universe” (Alan Grant/Kevin Walker)
Anderson: PSI Division – (Alan Grant/Ian Gibson)

Rogue Trooper [original] – “First of the Few” (from 2000AD Annual 1984)

N.B. “True Dredd”, listed on Barney as a text story, is a feature with a fictionalised sheen.

JUDGE DREDD MEGA SPECIAL No. 2 (1989; not seen - official index)
Judge Dredd – “A Night at the Basho” (John Wagner/Kev Hopgood)
    – “Birdman” (John Wagner/Mick Austin)
    – “Son of Ratty’s Revenge” (Alan Grant/Kevin Walker)
Judge Hershey – (Alan Grant/Dougie Braithwaite, Elliot)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1989)
Moon Runners – “Out of the Past” (Sydney Falco [Alan McKenzie]/Massimo Belardinelli)
Judge Corey – “Leviathan’s Farewell” (Alan Grant/Mick Austin)
Tyranny Rex – “Systems of Romance” (John Smith/Dougie Braithwaite)
Zippy Couriers – “Gunfight at the Nilgrav Disco” (Hilary Robinson/Graham Higgins)

The Amazing Maze Dumoir (from Progs 368-369)

2000AD ANNUAL 1990 (1989)
Judge Dredd – “Headbanger” (Alan Grant/Kev Hopgood)
Anderson: PSI Division – “Confessions of a She-Devil” (Alan Grant/Mick Austin)
Moon Runners – “Pirate!” (Alan McKenzie/Massimo Belardinelli)
Zenith – “Shadows & Reflections” (Grant Morrison/Jim McCarthy)

text story
Bad Company – “Ararat” (Peter Milligan/The Albert Tatlock Persuasion [McCarthy & Ewins])

Tharg the Mighty – “Invasion of the Thrill-Snatchers” (from Progs 308-312)
Tharg’s Time Twisters (from Prog 309)

JUDGE DREDD ANNUAL 1990 (1989; not seen - official index)
Judge Dredd – “Stunning Stunts Club” (Alan Grant/Mark Farmer)
    – “The Dungeon Master” (John Wagner/Arthur Ranson)
    – “Brothers ‘n’ Arms” (Alan Grant/Jeff Anderson)

text stories
one-offs – “Roll on Justice” (Ian Rimmer/Stephen Baskerville)
    – “Radical Cheek” (Peter Milligan/Jamie Hewlett)

Judge Dredd – “Vigilante” (from Daily Star)
    – “A Question of Judgement” (from Prog 387)
    – “Error of Judgement” (from Prog 388)
    – “A Case for Treatment” (from Prog 389)

“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World!” (Mike Collins/Alan Davis)

N.B. Without having seen this, I can't tell if the Collins/Davis strip is a reprint of the Future Shock from Prog 509. The official index doesn't note it as a reprint.

2000AD WINTER SPECIAL No. 2 (1989)
Judge Dredd – “The Santa Affair” (Alan Grant/Arthur Ranson)
Rogue Trooper [original] – “The Hit – Conclusion” (Steve Dillon/Chris Weston)
Medivac 318 – “Medivac Despatches: Chemical Warfare” (Hilary Robinson/Massimo Belardinelli)
Tyranny Rex – (John Smith/Steve Sampson)

General / Specials, Annuals and Gaps in Barney
« on: 10 August, 2010, 12:15:14 AM »
Over the weekend I got into a discussion of the incompleteness of 'The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks' on another thread. Moore's first Future Shock - 'A Holiday in Hell' - isn't in there and someone pointed out that it wasn't on Barney at 2000ad.org. The reason why - it was in the 1980 Sci-Fi Special and Barney - while an admirable and essential site in many ways - does have a few gaps in its coverage of Tooth specials and annuals.

A couple of years ago I decided to track down all the annuals/specials of the 20th century and compile my own contents details. I never managed to locate a copy of or reliable details for Tornado Summer Special or the final Judge Dredd Mega Special from 1996 and left the project drift away. But I did end with a huge list from other titles.

Since some people are obviously reliant on Barney for this sort of thing, I thought I'd post the whole of my list on here. I hope someone will find it interesting, and possibly clear up some of the ambiguities that came up in the process.

This should all be self-explanatory enough. Except where stated I've seen everything listed. 'Official Index' means details come from the checklists in 2000AD Yearbook 1992 (Tooth Annuals), the 1993 Judge Dredd Mega Special (specials) or Judge Dredd Yearbook 1994 (Dredd Annuals/Yearbooks). Some credits are taken from these, and if the official index says a one-off is a Future Shock then it's a Future Shock - it's the law!

This is strips only, so no feature/art material. I include full-length text stories but not vignettes (e.g. 'The First Fatal Blow' in Tooth Annual 1979.)

So - part one (1977-1979)

2000AD SUMMER SPECIAL SUPERCOMIC (1977; not seen - official index)
Harlem Heroes
Judge Dredd (Art: Kevin O’Neill)
Dan Dare
M.A.C.H. 1

text story
one-off - "The Thing from Nowhere"

The Phantom Patrol (from Swift)

2000AD ANNUAL 1978 (1977)
Dan Dare – “The Curse of Mytax"
Invasion – “Tank Trap”
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Hunted” (Art: Kevin O’Neill)
    – “End of Voyage”
    – “The Dream Machine” (Art: Massimo Berlardinelli)
    – “The Monsters” (Art: Keith Page)
    – “The Symbiote”
M.A.C.H. 1 – [first strip]
    – “Operation Hercules”
Harlem Heroes
Judge Dredd – [first strip: “Videophones”] (Art: Mike McMahon)
    – [second strip: “Whitey’s Brother”] (Art: Mike McMahon)
Flesh – “The Buffalo Hunt"
Shako – “White Fury”
one-off – “Death Bug” (Art: Horacio Lalia)

N.B. Some one-offs/Future Shocks here and in other annuals/specials up to 1981 might be reprints.

"Death Bug" is a cannibalised version of an abortive 2000AD series by Pat Mills.

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1978; not seen - official index)
Dan Dare (Writer/Art: Garry Leach)
M.A.C.H. Zero – “Cyborg Express” (Henry Miller [Roy Preston]/Kevin O’Neill)
M.A.C.H. 1 – “The MACH-Man File” (Mike Lake/Trevor Goring)
Judge Dredd – “The Purple People Breeder” (William Nilly/Subliminal Kid [Brendan McCarthy])

text story
one-off – “For a Fistful of Groats” – (Roy Preston/Kevin O’Neill)

Rick Random (from Super Detective Library) – “SOS from Space”

N.B. Though attributed to Harry Harrison, the Rick Random reprint was actually written by Bob Kesten.

STARLORD SUMMER SPECIAL (1978; not seen - details from www.watchthestars.sevenpennynightmare.co.uk/starzines/summer.htm)
TimeQuake (Patterson/John Cooper)
Ro-Busters (Vernon Gross [Kelvin Gosnell]/Geoff Campion)
Trash (D. Hooper/Magano)
Strontium Dog (Bill Henry [?Chris Lowder]/Brendan McCarthy)

text story/reprint
one-off (Arthur C. Clarke story, originally in Galaxy, 1970) – “Neutron Tide”

2000AD ANNUAL 1979 (1978)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Biggest Game of All” (Art: Canos)
    – “Food!”
    – “The Last Lonely Man”
Doctor Sin (Art: Horacio Lalia)
Dan Dare
Judge Dredd
Harlem Heroes

text stories
one-offs – “Final Vision”
    – “A Serious Case for Treatment” (Art: Kevin O’Neill)

The Phantom Patrol
Guinea Pig (from Eagle)

N.B. Doctor Sin is possibly a cannibalised version of the abortive Tooth "hanging judge/Doctor Who of the occult" series by Pat Mills. He crops up again in 2000AD Action Special (but hairier).

DAN DARE ANNUAL 1979 (1978)
Dan Dare (Art: Cam Kennedy)
    – [second strip]
Judge Dredd
one-offs – “The Recruiting Agency” (Art: Marzal Canos)
    – “Survivor”

text story
Dan Dare – “The Invisible Death”

Rick Random – “Rick Random and the Time Travellers”
U.F.O. Agent (from Eagle)

2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL (1979)
Judge Dredd – “The Billion Credit Caper” (Alan Grant/Brett Ewins)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “First Encounter” (O.A. Stepaniuk/A. Craddock)
    – “The Last Jungle in the World” – (Staccato [Alan Grant]/N. Neocleous)
Strontium Dog – “Assault on Trigol 3!” (Ian Rogan [Steve MacManus]/Rob Moran)
M.A.C.H. 1 – (Gary Rice/Garry Leach)

text stories
Dan Dare – “The Planet of Frozen Fear”
one-off – “A Breath of Fresh Air”

The Kids from Kosma (no idea where this is from)

2000AD ANNUAL 1980 (1979)
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “Benny’s Tale” (Art: David Jackson)
    – “The Man Who Saved the World”
    – “Going Straight” (Art: Jose Ferrer)
Ro-Busters – “Avalanche!”
Dan Dare
Judge Dredd – “Mega-Miami"

text story
Judge Dredd – “Tales of Dwedd” (Illustrations: ?Brett Ewins)

Guinea Pig
The Phantom Patrol

DAN DARE ANNUAL 1980 (1979)
Dan Dare
one-offs – “Programmed to Destroy” (Art: ?Massimo Belardinelli)
    – “3000AD: The Traveller” (Art: ?Mike McMahon or Cam Kennedy)
    – “...Garbage”
Judge Dredd

text stories
one-offs – “I, Mutant!”
    – “The Man from the Ministry”

U.F.O. Agent [3 strips, the third titled just 'U.F.O.']
Rick Random – “Killer in Space”

Strontium Dog – “Funfair of Fear”
Ro-Busters – “Ro-Jaws”
one-offs – “The Metal Men”
    – “Invaders from Jupiter”
Tharg’s Future Shocks – “The Prisoner of Xendor”

text stories
one-offs – “Day of the Droids”
    – “The Midas Touch”

Captain Condor (from Lion) – “Captain Condor and the Forbidden Planet”
Jimmi from Jupiter (from Lion) [4 untitled strips]
Val Venture (from Tiger) – “Peril at the Centre of the Earth!”

N.B. "The Prisoner of Xendor" is definitely a Future Shock not a one-off. The Mighty One even introduces it.

TORNADO ANNUAL 1980 (1979)
The Mind of Wolfie Smith
one-offs – “The Guvnor” (Art: John Cooper)
    – “Smith & Wesson”
    – “Superking”
Victor Drago – text story – “Victor Drago and the Curse of Graveways Abbey”

text story
Victor Drago – “The Challenge!”

The Terror Behind the Bamboo Curtain [from Battle]

General / Re: My first question to the hive mind.
« on: 09 August, 2010, 07:47:47 PM »
On a tangentially related note, does 02 have the 'Cursed Earth supplement' by John Sanders and Brett Ewins, in which Dredd and Spikes sell their souls to the Jolly Green Giant to avoid getting sued? It's a bit of a curio, but it deserves to get properly collected somewhere.

General / Re: This weeks Strontium Dog
« on: 09 August, 2010, 10:19:07 AM »
And now some silliness: so maybe Johnny comes back from the dead as a blank-eyed but fanatical zombie determined to wreak revenge on the society that killed him, and the whole series turns out to be a prequel to 'Brigand Doom'.

General / Re: This weeks Strontium Dog
« on: 08 August, 2010, 09:26:27 PM »
As an aside, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there a Strontium Dogs story (possibly by Hogan) that featured the Gronk coming across Johnny Alpha's imprisoned 'spirit' in some Lyran sorcerer's cave?
No. That story NEVER happened. Move along. Nothing to see here. (Seriously, what editor saw the pitch for the 'Gronkinator' and thought 'yeah, that sounds GREAT'?)
I remember reading an interview Ennis gave in the autumn of 1991, describing the Gronkinator in droll detail. I was quite disappointed that it didn't show up for another 15 months. Forgive me, I was young and naive.

The non-story in which Johnny's spirit isn't found by the Gronk nowhere near the Lyran's cave wouldn't have been 'The Darkest Star' (which isn't not by Hogan but in fact wasn't by Ennis). In the same story we learn (or don't) that Feral is actually half-Lyran. It was around this time that I stopped reading Tooth, though not because of this. Honest.

General / Re: This weeks Strontium Dog
« on: 08 August, 2010, 12:03:16 PM »
Regardless of the pros and cons of the story at hand, I don't think "declaring The Final Solution non-canon" would have been a plausible option for Wagner. The death of Johnny Alpha was a big deal, and the other events of 'The Final Solution' are too momentous to be brushed under the carpet. Whatever reservations we might have about the current strip, it would be a far worse copout for Wagner to have turned round and said, "none of this happened, so here's the next adventure". If Johnny Alpha is coming back from the dead it needs to be given serious dramatic heft, and this is probably the only way to do it.

That said, Wagner might well be leading us up the garden path. There's more than enough in the strip to suggest that we might be heading for a Monkey's Paw-style resolution. Or maybe even a tough love moral: "Johnny's dead and he's not coming back, get used to it!"

(Or, Father Ted-style, "Do you remember how Johnny used to love walking in the countryside?")

Other Reviews / Re: Alan Moore's Future Shocks
« on: 07 August, 2010, 09:33:39 PM »
'A Holiday in Hell' appeared in the 1980 Sci-Fi Special. It's not listed on Barney, but Barney has numerous omissions when it comes to specials/annuals. (I compiled detailed data about the strips in most specials for them a couple of years ago, but they haven't updated in that time. Also, if you believe Barney, 2000AD hasn't published any new issues in months!)

It's a bit disingenuous to say that the two Robo-Tales should be omitted because they're from a different series - after all the book includes AM's Time Twisters and several strips that weren't run under any heading. It's not like there's enough of them to make up a "Complete Robo-Tales of Alan Moore"!

(Plus 'The Dating Game' is AM's first collaboration with Dave Gibbons, so its of interest for historical reasons if nothing else...!)

Other Reviews / Re: Alan Moore's Future Shocks
« on: 07 August, 2010, 04:56:41 PM »
'A Holiday in Hell' (his first Tooth contribution) seems to be missing, along with a couple of 'Ro Jaws's Robo-Tales'.

General / Re: Help to track down the issue number of a story
« on: 07 August, 2010, 10:51:08 AM »
This sounds like the first two pages of 'Dead Man's Hand', the Strontium Dogs story in 2000AD Yearbook 1993.

Other Reviews / Re: Alan Moore's Future Shocks
« on: 07 August, 2010, 10:34:33 AM »
Is it just my copy or is this not actually a "complete" set of Alan Moore future shocks at all?

General / Re: What happened to The Megacity Frendz?
« on: 06 August, 2010, 10:38:13 PM »
The big problem with Doomsday is how quickly Narcos's plan unravels (and how rapidly the Judges recover from what - for them, if not the city as a whole - is a near Apocalypse War-sized attack). It might have been more fun seeing him try to run the city for a while and making a spectacular mess of it. He's not Cal and he's not Judge Death, he doesn't have control of the Justice Department and there'd be a lot of mileage in seeing his delusions of grandeur unravel at length.

News / Re: Rebellion Zenith Collection! And....
« on: 06 August, 2010, 10:58:23 AM »
Re: Zenith Phases 3 and 4. Did Fleetway own the rights to Robot Archie et al in the first place? Especially given that it turned out that they didn't own 'Kelly's Eye' or most of the characters they used in the Action Special.

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