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General / Wagner Dredd missing from trades
« on: 29 July, 2022, 07:13:44 AM »
Hey all, doing my once-every-five-years post here.

Having followed the PJ Maybe story for several decades, I'm surprised to see the end of it never got released in a book (like pretty much every other Wagner Dredd has been). Having dropped the prog some years ago, I'm finding these stories hard to find.

In fact there are a few gaps from around this time. From Barney:

Mega-City Confidential 5 episodes (Progs 1874 to 1878) 30 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Colin MacNeil, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Block Judge 10 episodes (Progs 1900 to 1909) 61 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Serial Serial 5 episodes (Progs 1950 to 1954) 30 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Colin MacNeil, Colour: Chris Blythe, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Terror Rising 3 episodes (Megs 365 to 367) 30 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Colin MacNeil,

Ladykiller 8 episodes (Progs 1991 to 1998) 48 pages
Script: John Wagner, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Is there any reason why these might never have been reprinted? Wagner, Ezquerra, MacNeil, all good stuff. Gimme a book!

Classifieds / 2014 AD progs on eBay
« on: 27 October, 2020, 11:02:21 AM »
Hey folks,

Bit of a lurker/lapsed squaxx here -- I dip in and out of the prog these days, and haven't posted on here for ohhhh, fifteen years.

I'm clearing out some old progs on eBay, at what I think are pretty bargain prices. Starting with the entirety of 2014:


Note that I'm in Australia, so a) I'll probably only post locally, and b) I'd love to sell more but I'm not allowed out of Melbourne right now. Will get more up over the summer!

Splundig etc!
I'll have more over the summer when I'm allowed to go

Classifieds / FOR SALE: 2000AD progs, March 2010 - Dec 2011.
« on: 17 December, 2011, 07:06:30 PM »
Location: Edinburgh
Price: Cover price on these is about 180 quid, but make an offer.

I'm in the process of shifting my life from Scotland back to Australia, which, unfortunately for me, means offloading the last two years worth of progs.

What I've got is everything from Prog 1676 (March 2010) right up to Prog 1763 (last week) - that's 89 progs, including the massive end-of-year prog 2010. I've also got assorted JD Megazines, a few Clints, Dodgem Logic, etc. (and my girlfriend's Vogues, if you're that way inclined).

There's some great stuff in there for someone who's been out of the fold lately, including two Zombo stories, Ichabod Azrael, Damnation Station, some great Dante, Savage, Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha, Kingdom, Dandridge, Absolam... and a whole lot more.

Everything is in the condition it was in when it came out of the subscription envelope, so almost all as-new.

I'm in Edinburgh, I don't have transport, so pick up (between now and December 30th) would be ideal. Open to offers for the lot, folks!

General / Mega-City Masters 02
« on: 18 January, 2011, 10:04:58 PM »
Dear Hivemind,

It's been... 2 years since my last post.

I've just bought Megacity Masters 01 as a birthday present to myself and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Some of this annual stuff I've never seen before, and some of the prog 400ish stuff I must have forgotten, but its bloody great.

Has anyone got a copy of the second one, and if so, whats in it?

Help! / Buying online
« on: 05 November, 2006, 07:11:31 AM »
I've recently been buying a few of the Rebellion GNs online, through Amazon.co.uk.

They were doing fine to start with, the first several orders being delivered in good time.  The last one I got was Brothers of the Blood, which took almost two months to arrive, so I tried Forbidden Planet - three weeks after I ordered DR & Quinch and Tsar Wars v1, I've heard nothing past the initial order acceptance email.

So what I'm after is somewhere reasonably priced, reliable and communicative and willing to ship to Oz for my thrill supplies.  Can anyone help?

General / media essay: comics
« on: 14 September, 2005, 06:21:44 PM »
I am in the process of writing an essay on the cult of celebrity in the comics industry for my 1st year Media Studies course, about how 'the interest in celebrities is an example of the media's movement away from dissemination of information and into a model that more directly participates in the construction of identities.'

I'm not trying to be a lazy arsed student and get you guys to do my work for me, but I thought the folk on here might have a few ideas?

General / caballistics trade...?
« on: 15 July, 2005, 02:13:53 PM »
I know that this has probably been answered a few million times, but there's nothing on Amazon, so has the Cabs trade got a date to it yet?

General / league of gentlemen's apocalypse?
« on: 21 June, 2005, 02:07:36 PM »
I'm sorry, did this make it to cinemas yet?  I haven't heard much about it and I'm really looking forward to it after that trailer.

General / dream prog
« on: 06 April, 2005, 03:49:03 PM »
Has this been done before?

Whats your dream prog?  What strips, what creators?  But it has to be realistic, i.e. could be a regular prog - but a really fucking good one.

Cover: Caballistics Inc. by Dom Reardon
Dredd: Wagner and Jock
Caballistics: Rennie and Reardon
something new by Edginton and D'Israeli
Savage: Mills and Adlard
Dante: Morrison and Fraser (Si)

General / OZ: Subs troubles
« on: 20 November, 2004, 12:24:52 PM »
Have any other Oz readers had trouble with their subscritpions lately?  I'm two or three progs behind at the moment, and the last few before that were late.

So, all interneational subs, just Oz, or just me?

General / up all night...
« on: 08 November, 2004, 06:57:23 PM »
Well then, it looks like I'm staying up for most of the night to get this research assignment done.  1000 words into the history of Irish Nationalism in the 20th Century, 11:54 PM Aus time.  Probably about 3-4000 words to go...

At least I have you chaps to come back to.

General / new music recommendations, please!
« on: 16 October, 2004, 10:09:43 PM »
What new and interesting bands are out there?

Most new music tends to be by its nature a bit shit, but I keep feeling that I must be missing something.   I mean, it can't all be shit, can it?  Can anyone recommend some decent current bands that I may enjoy?

I am heavily into:
The Beatles
The Clash
The Jam
The Cure
The Flaming Lips

Any help appreciated.

General / 2k in trouble? ... f*ck!
« on: 23 August, 2004, 07:47:35 PM »
From this week's Lying in the Gutters...

British newstand comics are about to get a next knife in the kidneys. Currently, the big player in British comics is "Viz Comic," a successful adult comedy anthology that sells around 150,000. Below that, Marvel UK/Panini reprint a number of Marvel and DC titles, there are children's comedy anthologies and there is "2000AD" and "Judge Dredd" from Rebellion.

Moves in the UK by the Office Of Fair Trading to break up monopolies in the magazine distribution business have been known for a short while, and after Dez Skinn talked about them at the Bristol Comics Festival, the comics industry woke up a little.

The Periodical Publishers Association has this week sent a report to the Office Of Fair Trading, showing how this could cripple the ability of publishers to launch new titles and keep other titles functioning, if economies of scale were stripped away. Currently, magazines and newspapers are distributed on a regional basis through exclusive contracts with major names including WH Smith and John Menzies.

Smaller wholesalers have complained of an effective anti-competitive environment. And the Department of Trade and Industry plans to abolish the law that allows distributors to enjoy exclusive rights over certain territories from next May.

However this is likely to increase supply costs, reducing the amount of retailers by tens of thousands, and squeezing the profit margins on publications already feeling the pinch, losing a thousand titles, a third of the entire consumer magazine market, following the US pattern.

It's is very conceivable in these circumstances, the British market may just effectively lose 2000AD, entirely.

Well?  Are we to worry, or is it scaremongering bollocks?

Link: Lying in the Gutters

General / New Zealand...
« on: 23 August, 2004, 06:21:47 PM »
I happen to be off to New Zealand next monday for 10 days, and will apparently have plenty of free time in Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin...

Do we have any New Zillanders here, or anyone who knows their way about?  Anyone know of any choice comic shops/similar in the area?

Off Topic / bryan hitch on doctor who...
« on: 03 June, 2004, 07:52:18 PM »
Interesting Doctor Who news...

"Award-winning comics artist Bryan Hitch, the man behind titles such as The Authority and The Ultimates and winner of last year?s SFX Reader Award for Best Comic Book, is the concept artist for the new series."

Nice one!

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