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Dredd COD Cold War.

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Have been off the forum for quite a while now but this has dragged me back. My lad has just got the bundle. Awesome game play.

My Lad just uploaded his first vid with the Dredd skin. 12 mins of mayhem.

Didn't realise Dredd was involved with the 20th century dispute between Iceland the UK.

Re-reads, oh - Call of Duty Cold War...

Put it in context:

* Dredd has been around since 1977
* Since then there were some poor 8 and 16 bit games, with the last PC game in 2005
* Other than that there have only been mobile games
* Rebellion has owned the IP for 20 years and hasn't done anything with it for 15
* Rebellion is considered a large game developer, specifically Sniper Elite and Army of the Dead, with the resources to develop any 2000ad character game they want
* The best they can do with a 40 year old character is put a skin in another developers game

Really?  When I saw this in the newsletter all I thought was *facepalm*. 

This is the level of imagination Rebellion has towards the IP treasure trove that it has in the 2000ad character catalogue and from someone who has been waiting for a decent 2000ad character game since 1981.

Just imagine a Dredd game in the mold of Cyberpunk or Borderlands


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