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: 1500 Progs and Megazine Complete Run todate for Sale
: petenix 14 November, 2013, 04:55:53 PM
Hi Guys,

Grab yourself a once in a life time bargain as due to moving to a smaller flat, I need to sell off my large Prog and Megazine collection at a bargain price.

They are all in a great condition, most with free gifts, older ones all bagged. I'm ideally looking for someone to come and pick up the whole ruddy lot. Make me an offer, I'm not looking for a massive amount, just enough so I can start my digital collection. First come first served. I'm posting on the 2000ad boards as I want to sell to a fan. Breaks my heart to sell these of at a cheap price,but I have no choice but to do it as I need to shift them quickly.

The collection includes *deep breath*

~1000 Progs including all year progs
1855 to 1050 (805 progs)
899 to 800 ( 99 progs) Bagged
749 to 695 (54 progs) bagged

~500 issues of Megazine inc all additional free graphic novels
327 to 201 - all issues from 275 upwards inc. free graphic novel, bagged, 320,322, 295,296 not inc.
Complete vol. 4 #1 -#18
Complete vol. 3 #1 - #79
Complete Vol. 2 #1 - #83
Complete vol. 1 #1 - #20
50 odd duplicate issues
And a couple of specials.

A great complete collection of megs and progs, in a great condition. Snaffle the lot and grab yourself a real bargain. As I said I'm not looking for a massive amount of cash just make me a reasonable offer, I need to sell them quick as I move soon.

Look forward to hearing from you - Pete
tel: 07966 590 934