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: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: broodblik 20 October, 2021, 01:28:35 PM
Cover by Colin MacNeil :

: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: broodblik 20 October, 2021, 01:29:01 PM
Cover and Logo:

: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: broodblik 20 October, 2021, 01:30:09 PM
A good meg

Dredd – Well this is one of those episodes where Dredd just can not let go, he becomes a complete justice brute. Niemand adds another set of characters that he can revisit in the future. Lovely art by Colin MacNeil (he is a true Dredd legend).

The Returners – It looks like our heroes’ journey is coming to an end as they head into the temple of doom. I will have to revisit this series and the biggest problem with this series in totality is that it might read better as a collection.

Angelic – Some good back-story as Rennie does more world-building. A lot of focus on how “Mean Machine” became the “man” he is. Another good episode, I like this series.

Black Museum – One of those once-off stories that is not too bad, a little bit predictable with the ghost in the machine concept.

Devlin – Now please FIFA listen to me if you want to make a rugby guy like me to want to watch some footie: just read this episode of mister Waugh’s latest adventure.
: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: IndigoPrime 20 October, 2021, 01:47:40 PM
Lovely cover. Interesting Dredd, with Niemend carving out an otherworldly mystery that I hope is never resolved. I love stories like that which don’t attempt to explain everything. it felt like a modern-day fable. The Returners still for me needs a re-read, but seems interesting enough.

Angelic continues going full ret-con central on the Angels, transforming them from one-note villains into interesting and diverse characters. Usually, I’m not a fan of this kind of thing, but Rennie’s pulling a blinder here. Top stuff.

Black Museum was quite nice, although more interesting before the electrocist showed up. Which leaves Devlin, which is a masterclass in comics writing. The most consistently great thing in the Meg for a while, and for me rivalling The Out for best thrill across Tharg’s box of goodies.

Devlin > Dredd > Angelic > The Returners > Black Museum. Three great/two OK, but on the whole a very good Meg.
: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: Proudhuff 20 October, 2021, 03:11:49 PM
Will be Friday before I see mine, if its arrived... That is a loverly cover, but don't like that font.
: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: Colin YNWA 20 October, 2021, 09:41:52 PM
I mean as others have alluded to man is that a wonderful cover. There's a certain 90s appeal to it, but the simple design is elevated by exquistie execution. Just fantastic!

Inside is pretty good as well.

Dredd - what a doozy. Another Niemand special about the cruelty of the city and the resilience of the citizens who try to escape and the cost of that escape. He removes all the veils on his Dredd as monster take. Just superb.

Returners - yeah this one will get a re-read at some point. But I'm really looking forward to that as it does have moments of absolutely shining and this one heads to a exciting ending.

Angelic - continues to be wonderful reimagining. This is a brutally effiecent take on Mean

Tales from the Balck Museum - Firstly Stewart K Moore's dialed back art of a triumph. I had real issues with his Defoe (which I've just tried to re-read and failed) but here his focus is far more on the storytelling and while the art isn't dynamic at its still pretty good and you can read it well. Which is an absolute boon! The story jerks around a bit but is a decent enough one parter.

And then we get to Devlin Waugh the tone shifts but its no less effective. Its just delight, funny and while the tongue is so firmly in the cheek there are still moment when you remember the stakes and the cold horror of the situation escapes the broad comedy. Just a brilliant strip.

The text articles are fantastic this time with our own David MacDonald sepaking about the Fleetway Files, and Roger langridge and Brett Parsons recapping their Pandora talk from the thrillcast but its still a good read. Last part of the Encyclopedia setting up its final print release next year. Its of note if for no other reason that we get offical confirmation of the shifts of all Tharg's little helpers, which confirm the Wikipedia dates. So that's nice.

yeah great Meg all in all.
: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: NapalmKev 24 October, 2021, 08:55:55 AM
Good Meg but Angelic and Devlin are the stars of the show. I'll happily take a collected Hardcover of each, thanks.

: Re: Meg 437 - Scrawling the Walls
: Sean SD 13 November, 2021, 08:11:34 AM
Big gap between Megs for me after reading Meg 346 almost as soon as it came out and taking my sweet time getting around to Meg 347 so it took me a while to remember where each thrill was at but anyhow...

My Top 3 for Meg 437

1st - Devlin Waugh - High stakes football

2nd - Dredd - Dredd by Niemand and MacNeil with Blythe on colours  :thumbsup:

3rd - Angelic - enjoying this series, Carter's work, top stuff