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Impossible to tell here. Culbard does so much with so little but Bagwell captured both domestic horror and lunatic space craziness. Toss of a coin here

Culbard 2 - 3 Bagwell

For an explanation, see the thread I started once about how Henry is at least as good as and better than most the traditional "classic" Dredd artists.

Flint 5 - 0 Williams


As for me well its pretty straightforward. I like Staz Johnson hard, gritty, strong art - his recent post of some comissions he's done show what a talent he is. Cam Kennedy is however one of my all time favourites and depending on which way the wind is blowing my favourite classic Dredd artist. As such:

Johnson 1 - 4 - Kennedy

General / Re: Festive Thrill-Tree: GN Blurb Translated Too Many Times
« on: 08 June, 2021, 10:21:09 AM »
Quote from: blurb

Quote from: translation
See Dred Detective!
No matter how many times I looked at this I couldn't see anything other than "doctored" which combined with the "luder" part for the Killing Game but it clearly wasn't Button Man so ..... AAARRGH.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 07 June, 2021, 08:30:00 PM »
Just to buck the trend here, Highlander is total tosh. Awful acting from almost all the leads (Sean Connery in particular totally phones it in: Clancy Brown is pretty excellent though) and a mind-numbingly stupid plot. If you don't like Queen (I don't) then it's got nothing going for it in my opinion other than the fact that it's not as bad as the sequels which are even worse.
If you dislike Queen, I don't think there's *any* way to enjoy Highlander!
I detest Queen yet Flash! and Highlander are two of my favourite films. Something about their straight-faced ridiculousness just works in context.

Had somehow forgotten about The Shadow. Another great wee film whose fond place in history was cemented by an excellent pinball machine!

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 06 June, 2021, 04:14:23 PM »
Maybe I mentioned it here but I watched Highlander about a year ago with my partner. Her first time. Not mine.

We both loved it.

For me, it's a decent script elevated by Lambert's weirdness and Mulcahy's flashy direction. One of the main reasons it's always interesting to watch is because it is so stylised. Fashion's change with things like that, obviously, but Mulcahy has a visual imagination and flair way beyond what most other directors of sci-do B movies then or now. This sensation you are experiencing is called The Quickening!

Shout out for the effects as well. Because it was done in the cartoon style to start with our doesn't really look dated.

Maybe there's another factor though. There aren't many other big, daft genre movies made in or about Scotland. Fire me and my teenage mates, this was just as big, rewatchable and quotable a movie as Aliens or Robocop.

Never seen Razorback but Mulcahy also directed Extinction, which is the one entry in the Resident Evil series that you could squint and call a legitimately decent film.

Ah, that's shit Tordelback. Had a similar thing with a car alarm outside our living room window years ago. Passing coppers just shrugged their shoulders and the battery wouldn't die. By the end, neighborhood youths were taking flying kicks at it while I applauded from my balcony but it didn't really help.

Ridgway - 19. 19. N-n-n-n-nineteen. Oh, wait...

A big bout on the face of things: The Dead Man faces off against the Last of the Bad Guys.

My initial reaction here is a whitewash for Higgins. However, I realise that a lot of my love for his work is about the colours. That palette of greens, pinks and oranges that nobody else dares to use. Which isn't all his own work.

Ridgway has his own very different, very atmospheric style but apart from The Dead Man and The Raggedy Man I'm not sure I really love anything else. I even prefer Steve Parkhouse's take on Luke Kirby.

Higgins 4 - 1 Ridgway

Elson 5 - 0 Ezquerra

This was a joke, by the way. I don't idolise Ezquerra the way many do but he was very good.

Ezquerra 4 - 1 Elson

General / Re: Some recent-ish 2000AD themed commissions
« on: 04 June, 2021, 02:10:14 PM »
Excellent stuff. Love that beach Dredd.

Elson 5 - 0 Ezquerra

Only knowing Critchlow from Thrud, I was surprised to see him pop up on Lobster Random when I came back to the Prog. Not in a good way. I really didn't like his work at the time: too many lines everywhere for my tastes. Not sure what happened but somewhere along the way that changed and I really liked his Dredd work: Out of the Undercity and the stuff he was doing around Tour of Duty in particular. He seemed to be in regular rotation for a while and then just disappear. Anyone know what he's up to now? I'd love to see him back on a Dredd story.

Simon Fraser, on the other hand, is inseparable from Nikolai Dante and my unconventional love for both knows no bounds. One thing I find quite interesting is that Fraser isn't afraid to let characters' faces bend and distort away from their normal shape as a way of conveying emotion. It's a cartoonish effect that I really like but sometimes seem odd alongside the astonishing architecture and backdrops.

With The Strip That Dare Not Speak Its Name, it was a bittersweet thing to see his work back in the Prog. Recognisably the same but maturing with age. The use of spot colours and an exceptional command of panel structure and layouts are delightful.

A result that reflects the strength of the winner rather than the weakness of the loser.

Fraser 4 - 1 Critchlow

Missed the deadline for this one last night as I started looking at their stats in bed then ended up having to fix the blinds and then fell asleep so glad to see my man still won.

Colin Wilson is a good artist but it seems like almost the entirety of his work for Tharg was during times I wasn't reading. I mean I'm probably the only person alive who quite liked Rain Dogs and his Rogue Trooper was fine but it wasn't Cam Kennedy.

On the other hand, I really didn't see how anyone could compete with Dom Reardon and then Tiernen popped up on Absalom and blew my mind. Beautiful stuff with its own unique aesthetic and a flair for the grotesque. The grey tones of that series made it stand out but the broader palette of the recent Fiends series works really well too.

Trevallion 4 - 1 Wilson

Prog / Re: Prog 2234: Plummet of the Ape
« on: 02 June, 2021, 09:39:02 PM »
I'm thinking this is the inspiration, possibly, but there's another bell ringing that I can't quite place - might be a false alarm, though.
Vertigo’s definitely the inspiration but that’s not the version of the poster/cover I’m familiar with. Was thinking there had been a previous Prog cover riffing on the same source. Really & Truly maybe? But this was the closest I could find.

General / Re: Festive Thrill-Tree: GN Blurb Translated Too Many Times
« on: 02 June, 2021, 06:23:10 PM »
Either Sin City or Day of Chaos.

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