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Books & Comics / The Last American
« on: 02 October, 2012, 04:23:42 PM »
"The Last American" is a four-issue comic book mini-series released by Marvel's Epic imprint in 1990. It was written by John Wagner and Alan Grant with art by Mike McMahon.

http://comicattack.net/2012/05/comxlastamerican/comment-page-1/#commen t-343984

I looked at an article my friend wrote on it, and as I caught a glimpse of the picture, I thought: "Hrmm... that looks a bit like Judge Dredd".
Lo and behold, Wagner, Grant, and McMahon.
So, yeah... Dredd.


Any of you 2000AD fans familiar with this story?
Recommendations? Buy it? Pass?

Did you all read it, know of it, like it, hate it?

Film Discussion / Similarities to "The Pit"
« on: 02 October, 2012, 04:21:45 PM »
Just occurred to me when I remembered the names of Judges, Alvarez and Guthrie.

"The Pit" runs from progs 970–999.

Judge Alvarez appeared in prog 978 in the story "The Pit" – he is a corrupt judge who is executed by Dredd in prog 980.
Judge Guthrie first appeared in prog 971.

The story, setting, thematic elements, are all very similar to the movie, Dredd.

1)Sector 301, disparagingly nicknamed "The Pit," is the most crime-ridden and corrupt sector in the city.

2) Dredd is given instructions to investigate the murder and also to whip the Pit's inadequate judges into shape.

3) Partnered with female Judge. Judge DeMarco.

4) Dredd encounters corrupt Judges, getting paid off by the crime-lords/gangsters.

5) The gangsters and corrupt Judges intend to kill the other Judges to cover up what's been going on in the Sector.

6) Dredd launches an all-out assault on the gang, punishing and executing as many as possible, as fast as possible.

7) Judge DeMarco is kidnapped by the gang members, and must kill in self-defense and free herself.

Clearly not a direct adaptation by any means. But I thought the similarities were neat, especially noting it was the intro to two judges featured in the film.
Though I like that the story in the comics itself, was a direct homage to real life events like The Feds vs Al Capone.
Even the ending. Where they bust the Frendz mob-boss with over three hundred unpaid parking tickets and sentenced to thirty days per ticket: a total sentence of over twenty-five years (in much the same way that Al Capone was brought to justice for tax evasion in 1931).

Just an observation.
What do you all think?

Film Discussion / Least favorite part...
« on: 01 October, 2012, 04:30:21 PM »
I've seen lots of topics for general discussion, and topics for praise.

So, I thought I'd go for something different.

What was your least favorite part/aspect/scene/moment of the film?

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