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Feikki, for cross-referencing help, Douglas Wolk has two great lists of uncollected stories on his site under the posts Housekeeping #1 and Housekeeping #2. http://dreddreviews.blogspot.com/
I've found the 2000AD shop very helpful so far.

I have it all in spreadsheet form here

Grab a copy and you can easily add a column for Collected In Trade - the hard part will be all the cross-referencing.
Thanks! I'll give it a try.

I'd be happy to get an information on volume by volume of the stories that hasn't been collected into TBPs lately.

Like: Buy vol. 63 Armitage; City of the Dead - the stories in that hasn't been collected by Rebellion.

No need to buy Chopper if you've got Case Files 9 and Chopper: surf's up.

Discalimer: Sorry, I haven't read most of the topics or posts on these forums, and I've checked few of the reviews on your blog.

Would you (or anyone) happen to have written a summary of the Dredd Mega Collection books that would be interesting to those of us who has bought all the Case files and other Rebellion's collections?

Other Reviews / Re: Anderson Psi-Files 4
« on: 18 October, 2014, 11:34:58 PM »
I really liked this a lot. This is the first complete collection from Dredd and Anderson that I've re-read immideately again.

Other Reviews / Re: Spines
« on: 14 October, 2014, 05:22:15 PM »
You're supposed to distribute the red ones between the colourful ones!  ;)

Film Discussion / Re: Dredd Memes!
« on: 01 October, 2014, 10:18:24 PM »
We need a "don't feed the trolls" dredd meme picturessss!

Help! / Re: How do I get full posting rights on the board?
« on: 24 September, 2014, 03:54:31 PM »
How about me?  :D Maybe I just should start a new thread?

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