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General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 3
« on: 01 March, 2021, 09:25:30 AM »

1. Mechanismo - first real, genuine classic on this list imo. Massive impact, interesting ideas and some lovely artwork especially from Colin Macneill: his work when the robot goes beserk blew me away.
2. Doomsday - as per last round, this is flawed but still good and there's still a lot on this list that I don't think qualifies as an epic.
3. Hunting Party - again not much to add since round 2.

Things are starting to get trickier now. Mandroid sadly goes the way of Mega Rackets in that I don't think it qualifies.
Chief Judges Man is my HM again - I was tempted to put in at 3 but I voted Hunting Party over it in round 2 so  decided to stick with it here.

News / Re: The Great Dante Reathrough Podcast
« on: 01 March, 2021, 09:17:35 AM »
Late to the party on these but I listened to episode 1 this morning. Fantastic stuff. Really insightful on some of the background and art influences and like Colin says the chemistry between Edie and Simon makes it a relaxed and fun listen - I sometimes find stuff like this so be a bit 'bantz-y' and it's like listening to someone elses annoying mates, not this!
A re-read of Dante is something I like to do every year or two so I'm definitely going to read along. Will do part 2 when I've read part 2.

Thanks for doing these!

General / Re: 2000AD Forum Sketch Comp #1: RESULTS THREAD
« on: 26 February, 2021, 02:13:40 PM »
Yep, this was ace. Congrats Colin, thanks to all who participated and Jim for putting it together. Really enjoyed this.

Prog / Re: Prog 2220 Regened: Earth-Shattering
« on: 26 February, 2021, 10:01:27 AM »
I'm the victim of a liberal conspiracy theory!

Prog / Re: Prog 2220 Regened: Earth-Shattering
« on: 26 February, 2021, 09:43:55 AM »
Aargh! I'm wrong then and EVERYONE ELSE was right.

Prog / Re: Prog 2220 Regened: Earth-Shattering
« on: 25 February, 2021, 10:22:06 PM »
Seriously I'm the only one who reads it that way ? Its surely a spin on regen, which is a term I see used in gaming a lot.

You're all wrong, you lot.

Prog / Re: Prog 2220 Regened: Earth-Shattering
« on: 25 February, 2021, 12:47:51 PM »
Good question. I read it as the latter, as in regeneration.

Film & TV / Re: Edgar Wright to helm Stephen King's The Running Man.
« on: 25 February, 2021, 11:47:48 AM »
I never understood the love for Arnie's RUNNING MAN movie. The show host is great (now since dated) but everything else in it seemed cheap and badly stuck together.

That's the reason to love it right there. Objectively it's a bad film, with rubbish sets, some really rubbish acting and a weak plot to boot but it all combines into a glorious mess.

As a teenager I loved it: Arnie battling gimmicked supervillains on a gameshow, some mild Robocop-esque satire and a vague plot about revolution thrown in - ace! It's the sort of thing that could have conceivably appeared in the Prog. My brothers and I used to invent our own stalkers and run RPGs using them.

Watching as an adult it's obvious flaws don't impact the sheer craziness of it.

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 2
« on: 25 February, 2021, 11:01:17 AM »
This is starting to get interesting already. Some cool, if slightly flawed stories on the list.

1. Doomsday: Not my favourite epic, but it's a definite epic when some of the others are not. It's a bit clunky but it's still an exciting high stakes story that builds to a definite conclusion with a lot of callbacks to other stuff. I agree that the art doesn't elevate it as a whole.
2. Robot Wars: It's not as polished as stuff that came later but it's great.
3. Hunting Party: Mixed feelings on this as all the Dune Sharks, time travel and so on is bobbins, but the interplay between Dredd and his team is excellent.

HM to Mega Rackets: exactly as IP posted below me, I love these but I don't think they count as an epic. Also Chief Judge’s Man which I still rate, but doesn't pip the above.

Film & TV / Re: Edgar Wright to helm Stephen King's The Running Man.
« on: 24 February, 2021, 05:23:45 PM »
I hope that, despite being a more truthful and considered adaptation of the book, this still has the line "Here is Subzero, now... plain zero" in it.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 24 February, 2021, 05:09:22 PM »
When I finish RE5 in full, I'll try RE6. Capcom has a thing for zombies.

Don't do this! RE5 is fun but RE6 is BOGUS.

I know you're not a man to be trifled with, so it's greatly appreciated!  ;)

You're welcome and good spot on the reference!

I've never considered a video whilst painting - I usually prefer music - but I will give this a try!

No need to apologise to me!

Personally I prefer a shorter video due to time constraints. Definitely narrative for me - like the old battle reports you'd get in White Dwarf. I liked the previous SD battle reports, I'm not sure I'd watch a 2 hour video of a full battle in all honesty but I'm not sure how well I represent the average user.
I'd say do what you are happiest doing, tbh

Prog / Re: Prog 2220 Regened: Earth-Shattering
« on: 23 February, 2021, 09:34:23 AM »
I'm not a fan of the Regened issues but this I thought was one of the better ones.

The original strips seem far stronger than those based on one of the classic IPs like young Johnny Alpha or PG Rogue Trooper - I find Cadet Dredd to be one of the weaker strips in these - but I wonder if that's due to my familiarity with the existing characters. I still think something more light hearted / anarchic would be a standout here: Pandora Perfect took all the platitudes when it appeared and is still to my mind the best thing we've seen in Regened and I think it had both of those elements in spades.

This issue: solid Dredd, I thought the concepts behind Action Pact and Viva Forever were interesting although the strips to me weren't, and a really good idea in Mayflies - interesting to see this drawn by Simon Coleby when in general Regened has gone for a different art style. All three of those are worthy of a return imo.

As ever I'm aware I'm critiquing something that's aimed more at a different age group so I'd really like to hear a review from someone from the actual target audience instead of those of us who generally haunt these boards. Has anyone got a youngsters opinion on the comic?

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! Round 1
« on: 22 February, 2021, 12:39:58 PM »
I'm kind of interested to see if there's any epic that'd rank below Crusade.

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