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General / Re: 2000 AD Reoffended
« Last post by The Monarch on Today at 04:13:24 PM »
you are doing a bad job of this guys I actually want to read some of these  :lol:

Big Dave: Bregshite: Manchesters hardest man returns and faces off against the puffs that tried to cancel him all those years ago and in the process faces off against the forces of the liazard man known as cummings

BOJO from beyond the stars: A hard reboot of bonjo from beyond the stars but instead featuring an even more destructive and digusting antagonist.

Mark Millars Samantha Slade: RoboC---ter: Sam Slades Little girl returns and this time no one is safe!

Wogue TwoopeW: Walter the wobot stars in a 200 part mega epic written by the ghost of Michael Fleisher

Canon Fodder 2012: Written by some muppet on this board an epic saga in which the canon and his estranged father face off against the devil in the 2012 olympic games.

Klep: A navel gazing epic in which the earstwell captain faces hamfisted representations of the current political climate. ends with klep getting arse raped by bojo from beyond the stars in a shocking crossover
General / Re: 2000 AD Reoffended
« Last post by The Enigmatic Dr X on Today at 03:21:47 PM »

Nadir Mark Millar returns to the prog with a fresh take on fan favourite Zenith.

Part of me really wants to see this.
General / Re: 2000 AD Reoffended
« Last post by Funt Solo on Today at 03:13:56 PM »
Walter's a Cripple
This hilarious, Dickensian tale... [no, look, just stop! - ed.]

I missed a trick there - should have been Walter's a Cwipple.


Really enjoyed CBA Warriors, Nadir and Wendigo Pride. Am I wrong to want to see some of these in print?
The meg should stay the way it is. Yes, it is true that I do not always enjoy all the content but I like to idea of a possible bonus as part of the meg.

I just think the current regen run will most likely be kept for the foreseeable future
Replace the floppy has multiple issues:

- No discoverability on shop shelves
- Lower distribution/visibility for the Meg as a whole
- Huge increase in production costs (which would increase the Meg’s price by a few quid)
- No circulation bump for 2000 AD
I'd also like Tharg to publish a regular Battle Comic as well .......

Now you talking !!!!
Hard to see how it works without making sure the 'regular' 2000ad stuff is toned down a little - have no real problem with that, by and large, as much of the stuff that would be an issue isn't a big deal... though how would stories like Hope, or Diaboliks (for example) be affected? As the stories would be in the same physical object just flipping them doesn't seem much of a seperation in my mind.

The option that I'd like to work (but keep reading as I accept it clearly won't) is to have Regened replace the Floppie so it can be passed around as a seperate product and enjoyed as such. The clear issue here is the floppie isn't a money spinner, rather a cheap way to pad out the Meg to help folks feel they are getting value for money (pretty sure Tharg has said this) - a good Regened will clearly cost a LOT and so that's a none starter I imagine.

If we can't get a seperate title, we'll need to make do with what we have. Which I've no real problem with as I find it refreshing, interrupting running stories aside. If the collections start to make money for Tharg (who knows how they are doing and I'm guessing the speed the second was announced was a timing rather than sales thing???) maybe that is the route to getting a second title under the Regened banner - which I'd genuinely love, not to seperate it from the regular Prog, but I would love this comic to exist full stop... but I'd also like Tharg to publish a regular Battle Comic as well ... so ya know... what I want and what is realistic really don't necessarily relate.
General / Re: NEXT UP - Anniversary Special - Writers Solhiem Cup
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 12:30:21 PM »
Damnit - when typing up the ties it occured to me I've made another mistake on Team Current.  To that end rather than swop someone out there will now be a bonus 17th tie (which I'll drop in the middle) and add in the next qualifying Team Classic Droid to match up with them!

Sorry folks!
I have to isolate for 6 days. Bugger and arse.
Have been doing rapid antigen tests each day for weeks and feel absolutely fine, so I doubt I've been infected (first shot puts me somewhat more at ease too I might add) and am more frustrated its happened just as the gears of real life where beginning to turn once again.
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