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Author Topic: Attic clear out  (Read 833 times)

Kev Levell

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Re: Attic clear out
« Reply #15 on: 29 April, 2021, 11:07:40 AM »
My problem is I have every prog since 1990 in my attic and want to shift them all. Any ideas? I don’t think eBay is a goer as there are around 1500 progs, so they’d need to go in large, extremely heavy bundles. I haven’t checked but I guess 1208 is in there.

Kev Levell of these pastures has a thread detailing his selling of his collection and you might get some ideas there


I couldn't get any interest in the whole collection at an acceptable figure.
I was a bit cranky about it though, so may have put the odd person off, irrespective of that, I honestly don't think I would have got anywhere close to what I think it was worth... and don't anticipate that even selling as chunks/bundles.
Unfortunately it really has to be chunks/bundles too. I'm realising they need to be buyer friendly as well. I think the places to sell are facebook tat, facebook 77 and here.
The progs aren't going to appeal to dealers, the offers I had were pretty much for the first hundred only. One dealer actually laughed and then said "no, I really don't want them".
I think you might have a wider audience with ebay, but the risk is higher IMO.
I've met a couple of really nice real fans and dealt with a few too... it's not all plain sailing though and it's a lot of work getting the postage costs right, weight and volume are tricksy and at the prices I'm selling at there's not much meat on the bone to absorb any discrepancy.