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Justice Killer, this makes sense right?

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Thread Zero:
So it works like this.

In the original story Armon has pills he can take to kill him in case he is captured but does not take them as he is not captured, but in the second story he is about to be be captured by Dredd, tries to take a pill which may or may not kill him, to ensure he will be captured.

Makes sense now!


scojo who prefers logic

Thread Zero:
Last point on this.

I have not got this week's prog. Can someone tell me if the pills Armon had in this story were real or not?

If they were fake, I apologise for being wrong.

Plus I now know the ending before I have read it!



Thread Zero:
I guess I will find out tomorrow when I buy it.

But boy, if they are real pills, I will return tomorrow to explain why the story makes no sense.
Bye for now my lovely Dreddheads.


scojo in love

Leigh S:
The pills are likely to be real - after all, if Justice Dept analyse them (and they would in order to find a lead into the Justice Killers backer) and they turn up fake, they would surely smell a rat (unless they assume this backs up their 'crazy'loner angle).  However, Gill gives Dredd every chance to stop him swallowing the pill - didn't it strike you as strange that Gill did that "I'm afraid you won't take me alive" speech, giving Dredd all the time he needed to leap to the rescue.


I can't _believe_ that you are trying to pick holes in the story when you've only read three quarters of it!

Not only that, you're so keen to prove how clever you are, you completely disregard Mark13 and Wake's requests to consider overseas readers before revealing major plot points.

Even in part three it's quite clear. If Armon really wanted to swallow suicide pills when Dredd was watching his every move from only a few feet away the last thing he'd do is announce it first with the words "I regret" PAUSE "I cannot allow you to take me alive!"

Maybe if you spent less time trying to spot other writers' mistakes you'd enjoy the story more.




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