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Thread Zero:
Hey Wake,

You been up to your tricks again?

I need scojo spectacles now to read the text here!

shooshi and scojo

Do you mean the body text of the messages or the titles?

Is it too small, too big, blurred or what?

I've been making changes to the prog profiles page today, but not to this page (though I may have indirectly affected it)


Thread Zero:
No just the titles. The letters are smaller now.

It is fine though really.

Just having a laugh!


El Spurioso:
Speaking of website shennanigans, Wake, I couldn't help noticing that in a feat of miraculous time-travelling self-advertisment, this week's future shock has ALREADY been reprinted (pre-printed, surely?) in:
2000AD Annual 1987
Fleetway Books: Judge Dredd The Judge Dredd Collection 4
Fleetway Books: Judge Dredd The Judge Dredd Mega Collection

Leigh S:
I think Wake is referring to one of the Daily Star Dredds here - Either

The Elopement
Bionic Bliss
Grey Flannel Con
Tomorrow's Perp

Does this mean the DSD info is up (or due to be) on the site now, Wake?  And any more moves on what's happening with the unreprinted Daily Star dredds?


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