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Barrington Boots:
I'm just wrapping up a playthrough of AC Valhalla. It's a laugh but it's far from a landmark game.
If you like huge open world games then it's good fun. If you like vikings it's also good fun. If you want to wander around doing all the side quests etc you can easily sink 200 hours into it although things do get a bit repetitive. There's a lot of RPG-lite elements to it that you wouldn't have seen in earlier games: in fact it's nothing like AC III and there's very little focus on actually assassinating anyone. You can stealth into enemy bases and stuff, but equally you can do the whole game just by charging in and killing everybody in a straight up fight. I've had a lot of fun with it, but definitely a case of ymmv.

Link Prime:
Cheers lads, no fear of RPG's here.

For €30 I will give it a shot - need something meaty to tide me over until the new Horizon Zero Dawn game drops below the current €80 price tag!

For those that own Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 on PS4 you can now get free PS5 upgrades for all three games.



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