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MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 for £1.99 on iPhone app.

On Steam

Transformers War for Cybertron... REALLY fun action shooter. Only £3.74

And Batman Arkham City is a tenner till Monday

Lionhead are giving away free download codes for Fable Heroes on Facebook and Twitter.
Codes go up at 12am and 12pm on Facebook, and at random intervals through the day on Twitter.
Got me a copy last night.

Free copy of Midnight Club 2 on Steam -

--- Quote ---Join the Official Rockstar Community on Steam and Receive a Free Copy of Midnight Club 2
posted by Rockstar Games @ 04:29PM on May 10, 2012

Join the Official Rockstar Games Community on Steam at by 10 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, and receive one non-giftable copy of Midnight Club 2 in your Steam account by May 29th.

Eligibility: User must have an account with at least one successful purchase, gift or retail registration in the account. The offer is not available to users who already own Midnight Club 2.

--- End quote ---

Lego Harry Potter Years 1 - 4 for the iPad is on sale for 69p.


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