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An Honest Man wraps up well. I won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers.

Hope has become something I read but don’t take in.

Skip Tracer is back. And I’m actually ok with that. Nolan is looking older but it has a similar feel to before. For those that aren’t keen on it, the good news is, it’s the last series.

There is another Terror Tale, and as with last week’s and the Future Shock the week before, it does nothing for me.

Brink is the best thing in the Prog. And the moment I have been waiting for, for a few weeks has arrived: we get a glimpse of Kurtis. Hopefully she will be properly in next week’s episode.

A really striking Dredd cover and an amusingly silly Droid Life, and then we’re into Dredd. This is tier-one Dredd, in every sense. Tension and acting. Dredd sounding and acting like Dredd. Intrigue. Superb art. And it ends well and suitably. I’d happily see Niemend/Foster on a much longer Dredd run to see what they can do, because this was superb.

Hope is weird and very much NSFW (nor kids) and very creepy. Skip Tracer starts well and I hope it manages to sustain this quality. (I actually care about the protagonists. Possible ‘father of young daughter’ thing creeping in here.)

Terror Tales… well. After weeks of grumbling about Tomlinson, this one did hit home. It’s nothing supremely original, but it had character and pace, a creepy vibe and a solid internal logic. And then Brink gets nasty for a bit while having another intriguing reveal (in terms of plot lines coming together) on the final page.

An uptick on last week, then, but I’m sad to see that Dredd run end.

Dredd > Brink > Terror Tales > Skip Tracer > Hope

I thought Hope was very good this week. What's not to understand in this episode?

Dredd ended very well. Normally I wouldn't like a cliffhanger ending but it works really well here and is possibly the best way it could have ended.

Really liked this week's Droid Life.

Cover by Steven Austin:

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