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Blue Cactus:

--- Quote from: norton canes on 15 June, 2022, 04:07:27 PM --- Also, from the script side, I have to say the continual omission of short words like pronouns from the start of sentences does, while making the dialogue appropriately terse and grim, does get a bit wearing and sometimes makes those sentences hard to parse...

--- End quote ---

I’m glad it’s not just me. I get that Dredd often speaks in a clipped manner but this repetitive speech pattern really annoyed me this episode - I actually wondered if it was Dredd on p.1 and 2 because the dialogue didn’t sound like him to my mind! ‘Like the scum you are’ didn’t sound very Dreddy to me either but maybe that’s just me. Good story though.

A decent episode of Hope in and of itself - not sure why the statues were talking but I presume because magic.

Didn’t mind the terror tale, Moore’s art feels like a mix of Shaky Kane, D’Israeli, INJ Culbard and Charles Burns to me, I’m interested to see how it develops over time. That duct image was nicely horrific.

Brink is so so so good. Tharg could commission this as an ongoing weekly comic of its own and I’d be happy.

Blue Cactus:
Forgot to mention Skip Tracer. His beard has got very bushy. First episode was fine - happy to see where this one goes. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if baddies are out to kidnap Eden to exploit her powers but maybe not.


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