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Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?

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There’s a Black and White SDCC 2022 exclusive Dredd Vs Death figure available to preorder at Zavvi.

Its £39.99 plus postage which is pricey but it’s a lovely looking figure.


Judge Dredd with Lawmaster Mk 2 and Judge Hershey now available for preorder at Zavvi.


Dash Decent:
Judge Cal!  With Judge Fish.


Colin YNWA:
While I'm not particularly an action figure person this range is getting really good. I kinda wish I was an action figure person!

Dash Decent:
Judge Cal stories don't particularly interest me, but that figure is so good a representation - the blonde curly hair, the big badge of office, the stars on his knees, the chunky boots and Judge Fish with his badged fishbowl - that I could really be tempted to get it.  I'm already quite tempted by the Lawmaster.  I just wish they were a bigger scale.

There's a lot of "Judge ----" in the list so far.  Let's hope we get Chief Judge Griffin and a Sov Judge before they get off that kick.


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