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Science is Drokking Fantastic Because...

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The Legendary Shark: gives us images like this:

ISS Crew Captures Shuttle Atlantis’ Last Brilliant Trip Through the Atmosphere

Is that real? If so, that is amazing!

The Legendary Shark:
I got it from Universe Today, a site which seems to know its onions:  so I assume so.

Mister Pops:
You'd like this, it's called Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day. Or Space Porn for short:

Every image has a wee explanation

The Legendary Shark:
Ooh, yeah - I can lose hours on sites like that. I remember in the early days of Satellite TV there used to be this German channel that showed videos taken from the ISS all night after the programmes had stopped. It was simply entitled "Space Night" and I've watched it for hours. I really miss that.


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