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Hope it works out for you Sharkie, even just naming a thing can help at times.
Jade hope your work eases and you get some rest.

Jade Falcon:
Work is okay....not great.  I'm not against the full time hours, indeed, trying to find a full time job is a job in itself, many are higher rate of pay but part time, and even then many firms want silly qualifications and/or experience.  What I don't appreciate is sometimes the way people go on.  I had one, without going into details told me my attitude was disgusting and was continually shouting and swearing down the phone at me.  I couldn't do what they wanted due to bank processes and was getting dogs abuse for it.  I finally told them that if they continued swearing I would terminate the call which I did but I felt myself in a mini panic attack afterwards.  Also, later that night when I went home, I usually talk with my Ukrainian friend but I messaged her saying I wouldn't be online, I was all shivers from the cold and basically felt vile.

It might have been a 24 hour bug, but I went under the covers at the back of 9 and didn't get up till early afternoon.

Barrington Boots:
I've done some time in a job like yours and you 100% did the right thing with that caller Jade. It's not unusual to feel stressed after being forced into a confrontation with someone unpleasant and to want to withdraw from the world, too.
The person you spoke to likely wasn't angry at you, but was taking out their frustration on you - likely a build up of anger and frustration over dozens of other stresses on their life. They may even have regretted being awful to you.

I'm sorry you had a rotten evening after. If you're feeling strung out and upset again, you can come here and unload a bit.

Yep, been there myself with sweary and irate callers.  In the call centre where I worked, an unwritten part of the job description was human shield for the company executives.

And yeah, you did exactly the right thing, even if you didn't like doing it. I remember saying the same thing, almost word for word, to one or two of my customers. You shouldn't have to be verbally abused for company decisions you didn't make yourself.

Jade Falcon:
Well I got 'feedback' yesterday on a call that I had done and was told that there would be a more or less black mark on my record.  I had got a caller who was irate and was personally insulting and whne I mildly responded I was told that the person had said I made him feel like a criminal.

At this point I had been put on the floor with very little confidence (a fact I had stated), I was still having sleeping difficulties, in fact I still do.  I've found out the entirety of new week is a 7am start. for a job that is just over 10 miles away.  Which doesn't sound far, but thats as the crow flies, because my car needs defrosting in the morning (including in the inside because of a busted heater motor), not to mention I have an MOT failure and it seems that trying to find a time slot to get that fixed as well as the heater is going to be near night impossible.

I've been informed of my housing benefit was stopped because I apparently didn't inform anyone of my status which is a downright lie and my JSA is (obviously) stopped.  I have been given a rent bill which I paid half of, notice that my small flat is going to be about £400 a month, god knows what my council tax is going to be and I'm really starting to wonder if its worthwhile.  Yesterday I came home, I had forgotten my morning pills which are about 10 pills, and I felt absolutely lousy.  I collapsed into bed at about 9pm and didn't wake up till about 6 this morning.


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