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Covers Uncovered Annual 2021

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Received this today- and it looks, on first flick, exceptional. I look forward to the remaining 43 volumes being published post haste.

I wonder why it has a barcode on the cover though, if it's only for sale through the webshop?


I, Cosh:
Is it in French?


--- Quote from: I, Cosh on 14 January, 2022, 02:13:09 PM ---Is it in French?

--- End quote ---

I have now actually read the thread in question and understand your question, senor Cosh. Ha, no, it's very much in English. I am hoping that the French mixup elsewhere is completely deliberate and is a broad-spectrum joke on perceived 'middle aged gammon comics readers who voted for Brexit', that has sadly missed the target because we are mostly Lefty Remoaners hereabouts. I look forward to the explosive reactions on Facebook from the usual suspects at Tharg daring to send out stinky foreign muck.


My copy of this landed today and the content is fantastic but the format a bit disposable… mine came already bashed at the corners from transit.

Regardless of format it’s a must have - beautiful art given focus and attention. I’d buy this in hardcover anytime. A great addition to the annual roster.

Thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed the book - sadly, sales on the Covers Uncovered book have been very poor and so it's not something we'll be repeating this year, sorry.


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