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Zip Nolan's genes?

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Zip Nolan, remember him? a yanquee bike riding lawman who spotted the clues and caught the perps. I remember the joy as a sprog of spotting the clue: smoking chimmey, tyre track etc in the strip.

Is Judge Fargo, and therefore Dredd, a Zip Nolan descendant? Remember the murder of Otto Sump?

if not what about a creating another Judge 'Fly' Nolan who investigates 'cold' cases or the Justice dept's X-files ? after all Zip wasn't too big on using the nightstick and lawgiver approach so he might be stuck on that backwater duty. He could even get help from his sisters.

Huffy B-)

judge dreddd:
check it outLink: here

I'd buy that for a dollar! Would probably be more fun seeing Zip Nolan again than Past Imperfect. (Sorry Mr Moore please go back to Axel Pressbutton, it really was much more fun)

What I meant to say was Laser Eraser & Pressbutton (I think) it has been a long day and thank you everyone for leaving me with a degree of dignity by not pointing out this error.

Still Axel Pressbutton sort of sounds like a cool name for a Future Thrill... ok then I'll just get me coat!!

Why isn't JUDGE ZIP NOLAN in the regened progs?


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