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Author Topic: Colin MacNeil or Simon Bisley - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 14  (Read 659 times)

Colin YNWA

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And I mean defo closed now. Sorry for anyone who missed it. Mind that said it would have taken a MASSIVE swing to turn this one around. This is also a massively significent result as it sees the side drawing for the first time since the second tie and marks the vote that sees the Current Team close a gap that had opened to 5 points at its peak. Now feeling like The Current Team had lost already they are tied and looking at scoring in the next vote could even take a lead? Well let's not get ahead of ourselves... Its fitting then that this vital tie and result should come from Colin O'Neil the winner of the Current Tourney. That he won wasn't a big surprise therefore. The margin of victory against an artist whose work had such impact might be. I guess the big question now is have they had to use too many of their big guns to close the gap?

Current Team 7 : Classic Team 7

Current Team 638 : Classic Team 686