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: Texas Chainsaw massacre and 28 Day Later
: Steamboy 23 March, 2004, 12:17:24 PM
wow, having never seen the original(just bits)I must say this is one nasty(in a good way) mother of a movie. It takes a hell of a lot to get a scream out of me and while Massacre has a couple of jumpy bits its the overall feel of the movie that disturbs me the most, never have I felt so unsettled as I did after watching this last night, from the catatonic hitch hiker at the start to the crazy relization that
......everyone in the area's in on it or related to the family, Police, no help from them, strange recluses living in the caravan....nope no help there.
The horror as the trucky starts driving back towards the roadhouse, not dissapointed and by far one of the best Horror movies I've seen this year.
I've been waiting ages to se 28 Days Later as it only had a limited release in the cinema over here. What can I say about the first half except awsome, totally pants shittingly scary. I'm a bit of a Silent Hill fan and the ambience in the first half of the film really reminded me of the game, I think it was more the music than anything else.  Fast Flaming zombies what a scene, the only problem I have with this movie is it seemed to change from a zombie/horror movie to a survivalist thriller once they got out of the city, rather than all that deep we're the last remanents of humanity lets rebuild society shit i think it would've worked better keeping it in the city and keeping the infected as the major threat not the military. STill thouroughly enjoyed it though. So thats 2 of the current crop down, might get out Cabin fever tonight see if thats as good as i've been told.
Feel free to add what you thought of these movies or any reviews of the current horror lot would be welcome too.

CU Krestel(i really didn't get much sleep last night)
: Re: Texas Chainsaw massacre and 28...
: Last of the V8's 23 March, 2004, 01:14:21 PM
Although the Chainsaw remake did turn out to be a supprisingly worthy remake do yourself a favour and check out the original.There are no substitutes.
28 Days was OK except the zombies (well not really zombies) mad folk,just didn't cut it for me.
Check out the Dawn Of The Dead remake for how it should be done.
Cabin Fever,overated Evil Dead rip off, NOT, even a jot, scary.  
: Re: Texas Chainsaw massacre and 28...
: Steamboy 23 March, 2004, 01:47:31 PM
sorry to hear Cabin Fevers a let down its got a really cool concept, who isn't scared of flesh eating viruses.
Will watch the original Massacre when I get a chance, i've heard its like a bad Acid trip.

CU Krestel