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I’m not an expert on the process involved but what I do know is someone recently scanned in one of the worst offending pages (the one with the robots sitting around discussing the upcoming mayoral election) directly from a Prog and posted it on Facebook. It looked fine to me. I’d rather have something like that, than what is in the Case Files.
Two big guns, but slightly more minor than that other heat. Having re-read Tyranny in the UC recently, there’s a lot of good stuff there. The early strips are very dated and contain some dross, but it rapidly gets better, not least the nun arc and the final strip, which felt like a springboard to new strips – but they never came, because, well, John Smith.

Leviathan was a fantastic one-and-done. Its superb high-concept stuff, with fantastic artwork. The main problem is it’s over so quickly, although the additional post-conclusion stories somewhat helped with that. Honestly, I kind of wish this strip had been more like Brink – a building horror – rather than so brief. Ah well.

On balance, I think Leviathan wins it for me, purely on being the book I’d keep if I had to choose between the two.
Lobster Random

Who needs to come back and finish The Vort….

Yes, yes he does. One of the great unfinished stories. We need to go to our LCS hide all the Spurrier books so his transatlantic acareer fails and he has to come grovelling back to Tharg to finish it!
Dear me, this is a tough one - two of the best the prog has ever had.

But for mind-bending depth, perfect characterisation and dialogue, and a grasp of the zeitgeist that never seems try-hard or contrived, it's Zenith for me.
Lobster Random

Who needs to come back and finish The Vort….
Both are classics for sure. I recently reread all of Button Man. The plotting revisits the same theme through out: having got involved in the game Harry is trying to get out and gets dragged into one last contest. Arthur Ranson’s art is stellar. I remember finding Fraser Irving’s art jarring on book 4 at the time - but not now; it’s also great.

But Zenith is a level above for me. A top five thrill. Well top 6 now, as a new thrill has come along to push it down one, but it’s still great.

Much of Zenith is great, including the way it all ties in together, but Wagner and Ranson were on absolutely top form all the way through, so it has to be Button Man.
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