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General / Fav Thrill Round 4 round-up
« on: 21 July, 2022, 07:54:32 AM »
The scores so far in Round 4...

Two stories about teens of not-totally upstanding moral character, more or less aimlessly wandering around getting into scrapes and adventures.

Halo Jones is better.

Too bad, too sad. LOVE Defoe, but love love LOVE Nemesis, no contest.

Nemesis the Warlock to win!

General / Re: Sideshow Vote II: Shaken or stirred
« on: 20 July, 2022, 11:04:36 AM »
Bond films were a pretty big deal in my youth, always made a point of watching them when they showed up on TV. By the time the Brosnan movies were in the cinema I'd discovered that they're actually awful, although I can still enjoy them as delightful stunt and quip machines, not to mention the nostalgia. I've never read the books and don't buy into the wish-fulfilment idea of wanting to be a stone-cold killer who shags his way around the world.

So purely on the level of the Bond who was in most of the films I watched at my height of really, really liking them... Roger Moore.

Folks have every right to rage against whatever machine they choose. So really I don't have a beef but if I'm honest, the Regene complains do bug me. However

You know I just scan trough the prog and since I am not reading it must be bad

drives me spare!

Yeah, this 100%

I’ve never got on with Thistlebone, there doesn’t seem to be much plot, just random nasty images (or maybe that’s the point).

That IS indeed the point, except it's very key that it's all set in the British countryside. Otherwise it'd just be 'horror', but this is FOLK horror goddammit.

Nice to believe that Harlem Heroes was ahead of its time - but wasn't it more a last gasp of Blaxploitation, or at least, a very late jumping on the bandwagon of the 'Harlem Globetrotters' basketball team who also had a weird spin-off TV cartoon show in which they fought crime while playing ball? Which I'm guessing was made in the mid 70s but repeated in the 80s otherise how would I remember it??

Kind of a depressing vision of the future that the one Aeroball team with any Black players has to recruit from a still-poverty stricken 2080s Harlem...

Been a LONG time since Chopper stories set my soul on fire. One stone-cold classic, for me, is not enough to topple the double dread of Thistlebone.

Harlem Heroes is fun, Inferno often even funner (if far sillier). Firekind is neither fun nor silly but it's so bloody beautiful, and I'm damned if I can watch it fall to a future sports story I only like after defeating one I absoutely love!


General / Re: Sideshow Vote II: I should have made it in America
« on: 18 July, 2022, 12:04:27 PM »
I do think there's something inherently difficult about the idea of a main character who is often portrayed as a hero - but equally often as very nasty piece of work - that keeps Dredd from ever being totally mainstream, and not just in the US. Even in the UK, it's not as if everyone has even heard of Judge Dredd, let along read a story or knows what his deal is.

The word 'anti-hero' for me doesn't fit Dredd. Those characters are almost pointedly anti-establishment, while Dredd is, largely*, very pointedly PRO-establishment, its just that the establishment he supports is very wrong (with subtle hints of things that seem like they might be quite nice, actually, to the bad, right-wing parts of me that I wish to keep repressed).

So yeah, even though your Punishers and Wolverines and so on have mass appeal, Dredd is asking for another level of wish-fulfilment in fanstasy fiction.

Frankly, the bigger question might be why Strontium Dog or Nemesis the Warlock never made it big Stateside - to me, equally compelling story and characterwise as Dredd, but just a little easier to get behind (well with Nemsis that's until you get to Books 8 and 9 and he starts being more openly a bad guy)

*It's notable to me that the stories where Dredd is either VERY heroic (Cursed Earth, Apocalypse War) or where he's fighting against Justice Dept (Judge Cal, build up to Necropolis, Tour of Duty) are the most beloved Dredd stories.

Am struggling not to be swayed by two factors. 1) Brass Sun feels so long ago and with unfulfilled promise that's it's actively annoying. 2) Poor Gordon Rennie got a right kicking last week in the Tourney, and Koburn is just super consistenly fun to read, doesn't deserve to bow out...

But I'd be lying if I didn't say how terrfically excited I'd be / will be when Tharg announces the next series of Brass Sun. Plus it's the one I'm already excited about diving into a re-read of.

So yeah, sorry Mr Rennie, it's Brass Sun that's winning my vote.

Quite hard to compare one very dense and sophisticated political thriller with one very open and elegantly simplae sci-fi action romp.

But based purely on character design and catchphrase success, gotta be Kingdom.

General / Re: Sideshow Vote II: Simply the best – Nommer nege mense
« on: 18 July, 2022, 08:13:26 AM »
Now I'm confused - wasn't the Night Walker book II?
The story just called Summer Magic, with all the werewolves, that was the best one by miles.

Yet another Rennie vs Abnett day! And once again I'm splitting my votes between them.
No contest here that Sinister Dexter, an all-time classic thrill, should win out against a spin-off that is not quite as good (yet) as its parent thrill.

I'm still fond of the early, silly one-offs with the crazy rotation of kewl artists. But no denying peak SinDex was that run in the middle from lik ethe intro of Kal Cutter to the end of the original 'War of the Moses' bit.

Am loving the AI vs AI concept going at the moment, mind.

Anyway, yes, Sinister Dexter gets my vote.

Do not get the extreme love for Feral & Foe, which is funny enough but otherwise nothing special.
Missionary Man has some missteps, sure, but for the range of fantastic art alone it's the easy winner here.
(says the one in the minority)

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