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Prog 2248 - Death Wish

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Dark Jimbo:
Tharg's strategy finally becomes clear - (hatred of) Skip Tracer is the glue to finally bind the Forum, Megaverse and all other fractured fan groups together.

Loving the Dredd. Fantastic atmosphere and a strange new villain. Got me thinking if the Dark Judges ever make their way back to Mega City One, Percival HAS to be the one to illustrate it. Great Prog

Was this good prog yea or nay? It was certainly a good read not the best, but I still find it satisfactory.   

Dredd – The house looks like a displacement in time where a “dark” judge has been having his fun with people stumbling into his lair of torture but alas he forgets his got the one and only mister spoilsport Dredd himself to wreck his party. A good Niemand Dredd with lovely gory twisted art by mister Percival.

Skip – Not a bad episode at all. As predicted Nolan’s daughter came to the rescue and now it’s time for our hero to escape and prepare us for the next chapter in the further adventures of a rogue psi (with a little bit of help from his little helper). As always, the double combo art from Marhsall and Teague delivers.

Dexter – Just as I got behind the story, we get another “The End”. Where will Abnett go next with the story? I did like Tazio’s art in the story, but I still see Yeowell as the Sin/Dex artist.

The Mask of Laverna – A little more stock standard stuff here where human sells his soul to the dark arts and use the immense powers to some bad stuff. Still a good 3riller that at least keeps my interest.

Jaegir – Dark, moody and somber this is the world of Atalia as the story gets more interesting. Take top honors this week great stuff from Rennie and Coleby. Pity the story will end next week and then we must wait again to see where the dark path Atalia choose is heading to.

The Corinthian:
Oh goodie, Skip Tracer has extended scenes of characters quoting Shakespeare at each other, in the way that bog standard American TV series do when they think they're being profound.

norton canes:
Yes! Finally, I got a letter published in 2000 AD!

Admittedly it was only the second one I've ever written, the first being in 1978 (accompanied by a drawing of a robot horse). But still.


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