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Hey all, I'm looking to buy a few digital copies of Megazine issues i missed in the past because I want the floppy reprint material (looking at you Samantha Slade). But the 2000 AD store doesn't say specifically that they are included in the CBR file you get to download. I assume they are, but I just thought I would ask before buying.

Film Discussion / DREDD 3D on home video Jan. 22, 2013
« on: 04 October, 2012, 07:25:27 AM »
I have it on reliable source that Dredd 3D will see home video release on DVD and Blu-ray (and probably Blu-ray 3D) come January 22nd. It was advanced announced to retailers, though no official announcement has been made yet.

This is also probably a US street date, so I don't know when it will arrive in the UK. Probably around the same time.

Books & Comics / NEMO: Heart of Ice
« on: 05 September, 2012, 05:37:09 AM »
More details about Moore and O'Neil's next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen project, NEMO: Heart of Ice over at CBR

The longstanding links between The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen‘s U.K. publisher Knockabout and the London comic shop Gosh! mean that Gosh!’s blog is the place to go for news relating to Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s ongoing opus. The retailer has posted a synopsis and cover image for the next installment, the stand-alone Nemo: Heart of Ice:

It’s 1925, fifteen long years since Janni Dakkar first tried to escape the legacy of her science-pirate father, only to eventually take on his mantle and accept her destiny as the new Nemo; the next captain of the legendary Nautilus. A thirty year-old Pirate Jenny, tired of punishing the world with an unending spree of plunder and destruction, is resolved to finally step from her forebear’s lengthy shadow by attempting something at which he’d conspicuously failed, namely the exploration of Antarctica. In 1895 her father had returned from that ice-crusted continent without his reason or his crewmen, all of whom appeared to have mysteriously perished or to otherwise have disappeared. Now Captain Nemo’s daughter and successor plans to take her feared and celebrated black submersible back to the world’s South Pole in an attempt to lay her sire’s intimidating ghost forever.

There are others, though, who have become as tired of Janni’s freebooting as she herself. An influential publishing tycoon, embarrassed by the theft of valuables belonging to a visiting Ugandan monarch, sets a trio of America’s most lauded technological adventurers on the pirate queen’s trail, commencing a nightmarish chase across the frozen landscape with the pinnacles of the forbidding mountains where Prince Dakkar’s sanity had foundered growing ever nearer…

In a fast-paced, self-contained adventure, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill thrillingly expand on one of Century’s most memorable characters, venturing into dazzling polar territories and fictional domains including those of Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft, with all of these vectors headed for an unforgettable encounter at the living, beating and appallingly inhuman HEART OF ICE.

Hardcover, 48 pages, £9.99.
Due February 2013

48 pages for around $15 American seems a bit steep. But... eh... I still like LoEG despite everything.

Also real curious whom 'a trio of America’s most lauded technological adventurers' are. Tom Swift maybe?!

Suggestions / How would you reprint Tyranny Rex?
« on: 01 September, 2012, 08:13:53 PM »
So question. How would you guys reprint Tyranny Rex? While I was rereading Leatherjack, I scoped out John Smith's bibliography on the Barney Site on a whim, and was reminded that he had created/written Tyranny Rex. And then I was reminded that I actually owned the Extreme Edition that the first three stories were reprinted.

So after finishing Leatherjack I reread those. Since I hadn't in about 5 years (to the point that I'd forgot I even had them)

I...uh... am not sure what I just read. But it seemed interesting? No, I gotta be honest. I was down right confused most of the time. To the point where after three different stories, I still have little inkling of Tyranny's motivation as a character. She's some kind of extreme artist I guess? Who sometimes get hired as an extreme problem solver?

But anyway, my thoughts then of course turned to, 'how can I read the rest of this?' Between the two part Deus Ex Machina story that ran in the early 90s. The 'The Come Back'  one-off that never actually lead to a 2000s revival (I actually was getting into the Prog when this story ran), and a pile of one-off Annual/Yearbook/Specials. There's actually enough Tyranny Rex to fill a fat 'Complete' collection pushing 250+ pages.

But my question is, should it be a fat omnibust? Or maybe split into two smaller collections (Soft Bodies & Deus Ex Machina) using the one-offs as bonus strips to fill both books out.

But then again, I've got a feeling Tyranny Rex might not even warrant a full fledged collected edition. Maybe it should be relegated to Meg Reprints. But that's tricky, because the first three stories have already been reprinted in the EE. So should they skip ahead to Deus Ex Machina Book 1 and Book 2? That'll take up two Meg reprints minimum. Which just a little room for maybe 2 one-off reprints maximum. Which is going to leave it far from a 'complete' reprint.

What do you guys think? Does Tyranny Rex even warrant a reprint?

General / 2000 AD Prog Packs are back? Uhhhhhhh....
« on: 29 August, 2012, 07:17:40 AM »
Soooooo... Diamond Previews catalog for September 2012 is out and turn to my favorite publisher in the back...

Welp. Prog Packs are back apparently. Not sure how to feel about that, not that changes much since the whole 'weekly prog' thing never... panned out.

And another thing, is there going to be a Rebellion edition of The Ten-Seconders GN? I ask because I know there's suppose to be an S&S edition, but if you look at the listing is has the code (C: 0-1-2). All Rebellion books have that code. Its been my experience that S&S editions have the code (C: 1-1-2).

Since I'm not buying S&S trades any more (not a fan of their cover stock. Or paper stock for that matter. It curls pretty bad) I'd like to know for sure since I would like to get it.

General / Is your copy of Leatherjack GN misprinted?
« on: 28 August, 2012, 10:59:32 AM »
So with the announcement of the new Indigo Prime trade collection I got a hankering for some John Smith madness. So I pulled down my copy of Leatherjack since I hadn't read it in a few years.

One thing I had forgotten was that my copy had a series of page misprints. Specifically a handful of pages where the color layers were offset, making the artwork to appear very blurry and dark. And worst of makes text nigh unreadable.

Also there are a series of pages with fine creases running across the page, like the paper was bunched up when it ran through the printer. Resulting in fine white lines running through some of the pages.

I assume with was a problem with my specific copy (as can happen) but I've never been sure it was a unique foul up. Especially where the messed up coloring is concerned.

It really sucks when a Rebellion trade I receive as a rather noticeable misprint. As replacing it in rather impossible. I know I have another book somewhere with rather garish black streaks running down a few pages. Can't remember specifically which book it is at the moment. I want to say Kingdom: The Promised Land, but I'm not sure.

Also, this thread will be for reminiscing about Leatherjack once I finish rereading it.

It feels like it was solicited ages ago, and been out in the UK for a while. But still no signs of it in NA comic shops. Has anyone seen it, or have any notion of when its suppose to come out here?

Books & Comics / Thieves & Kings at Archaia Studios
« on: 08 May, 2012, 11:59:00 PM »
Favorite fantasy series of mine, Thieves & Kings will be getting republished at Archaia Studios in full color this summer as a series of Hard Cover collections. Which will hopefully lead to the series final conclusion in 2014 after many many delays.

Series creator Mark Oakley talks about the announcement on his blog

I first met the affable, polite and enormously talented Mark Smylie many years ago in San Diego. He’d just put out his first book, Artesia; a lushly illustrated, fully water-colored graphic novel which impressed the socks off both readers and industry power-people. That was his first book. Not bad for a newbie!

Everybody wondered what his next step would be and it was with some raised eyebrows that Mark accepted the challenge of that singularly heavy task which so few creators have the right stuff to take on. That of publishing other people’s work. That was fifteen years ago.

Phew! Not a year goes by when I do not receive a small pile of submissions from other authors and illustrators, looking for work, hoping that maybe I Box Publishing might be a port in a storm for them. Alas, it has been my standing rule that I Do Not Publish Other People’s Work. The simple reason being that I know how much effort it takes just to get my own work out there, I’d hate to be responsible for serving another creator. I’d have no time for my own comics! No way.

But Publishers are necessary. We need them. The world needs them. And the very best, most capable and aware of publishers are those who are powerful creators in their own right.

When Mark Smylie, (and you gotta love that name!), agreed to undertake the coloring and re-publishing of Thieves & Kings through his company, Archaia Studios, it was with a great sense of relief that I let other talented people shoulder the load with me. I simply don’t have the reach or the money to get my books into the larger distribution chains; bookstores, libraries and schools. (I’ve tried!)

Mark and his staff of excellent employees have put in the time and effort over the years to build a respected stable of high-quality publications. I am very excited that Thieves & Kings will soon be numbered among them.

The books going to press are going to be about an inch smaller than regular comic book size. They’ll be 6″x9″, aimed squarely at the popular segment of the bookstore market; young adult adventure books. The Red Book will fit right into that nicely. But with full graphics! Ha ha!

I re-did the cover of the first book, made Rubel bigger and easier to see from across the aisle, and brightened the color scheme. Brought it all up to date. Below is a non-finalized version. (I put it next to the original cover from 1996 so you can compare.)

Another change you will see is in the text portions of the book. Real kerning! None of those home-made gaps between words. Actual typography experts are re-doing the text. Awesome!

But other than those changes, (and the coloring, of course), I resisted the nearly over-powering urge to alter and touch-up any of the original artwork in the story itself. I know going back in to ‘improve’ upon the wobbly early efforts of the younger version of oneself is perhaps at the very top of the DON’T DO THAT list. One of the very biggest no-no’s an artist can ever make in the whole creative field. Lucas did it with Star Wars, and it hurt, -literally hurt- for an old fan to see. So I have learned from the trials of others, and I can promise that Thieves & Kings will be otherwise untouched.

The Second Volume, The Green Book, will be coming out later on this year, (or early next; the coloring work is backbreaking!), and then in 2013, volumes 3 and 4 and 5, if we can manage it, will be coming out. 2014 will see volume 6, and yes, yes, YES, volume 7 will be out as well. I’m working on it right now, and it is some of the best work I’ve ever done. It has been slow, due to my other projects, (Jenny Mysterious), but it is happening.

So that’s the Big News. The book is being solicited This Month in the Diamond Comics Distributor’s guide. Go order it! Go tell your comic shop to order it!

Stay tuned for more news. There’s a lot coming over the next few weeks!

Cheers, and happy April 26th to all!

-Mark Oakley

Original Cover to the Red Book compared to the new

I'm not super thrilled about the books being smaller sized HC (T&Ks should be printed in Oversized format if anything) but I'll take it. Thieves & Kings: The Red Book HC is solicited in May's Previews for July shipping.

General / What happened to Damnation Station?
« on: 08 May, 2012, 11:08:15 PM »
So I'm working my way through my pile of 2010 Progs that I'd missed during my wilderness days (gotta get up to speed on Age of the Wolf before continuing with my 2012 pile you see...) and I was happily following Damnation Station throughout the year. But as I reach the end of the 2010 pile I realize... its not coming back, as I know it didn't have any installments in 2011.  Which sort of sucks! It ended on a cliffhanger in 1692 and I was enjoying how it was a regular feature throughout much of the year, coming and going. It reminded me how Harry Kipling was handled back in 2006, but like Harry Kipling it seems to have ended just as suddenly.

I mean, it wasn't great and had a few problems (had trouble keeping characters straight in Simon Davis drawn installments) but I liked its premises. Any word if its coming back ever?

News / 2000 AD FCBD issues Destroyed/Delayed due to truck accident
« on: 02 May, 2012, 08:40:05 PM »
My local shop owner informed of this yesterday...

As we mentioned earlier this week in the New Comics post, last week there was a tragic traffic accident involving a Diamond Comics Distributors delivery truck. This is causing some books to not show up in certain regions of the country.

Here’s the official statement from Diamond:

On April 21 at approximately 3:30 a.m., a Diamond truck was involved in a horrible head-on collision caused by a car driving in the wrong direction on Interstate 71. The driver of the car died at the scene, while the two drivers of the truck sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

    Please be aware that, due to this tragic accident, a number of titles and items that were on the truck and scheduled to arrive for sale on May 2 will be unavoidably delayed.

    These items –- including new product, reorders, and Free Comic Book Day titles — are now scheduled to arrive in stores with an on-sale date of MAY 9.

    A partial list of the affected product, grouped by New Product and Reorders, and alphabetized by description, is given below:

    FURY MAX #1 (MR)
    SPAWN #219

Something similar happened back in January of 2010.

So if you live in the affected regions (at this point we know it’s definitely effected parts of the northeast) then hang tight. Your books should arrive next week. And remember, having to wait an extra week for some of your comics pales in comparison to what the families of the victims of the accident are going through.

Games / [Board Game] OGRE 6th Edition Kickstarter campaign
« on: 13 April, 2012, 11:09:54 PM »
So Steve Jackson Games has been planning a new edition of OGRE for a while, but a few days ago they started a Kickstarter campaign to build up preorders and better gage demand.

Since it went live they met their $20k goal in less then an hour and are now sitting at $125k a little more then a day latter.

I've no prior experiance with the game, but I'm inclined to throw my $100 in the rite based on the shear enthusiasm. I'm curious if there are any fans of the game here, as the game premise has a very 2000 AD feel to it (future giant tank warfare in a post-apoc future). Currently there is no overseas shipping options via Kickstarter (they are working on that problem).

What? What is it?! Is it 2000 AD related? Something else entirely? WHAT?!

[Emp edit: Fixing the link for the easily confused, like me ;) ]

Books & Comics / New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: 08 March, 2012, 09:36:36 AM »
So, as I was probing about in the other thread, every week at a couple of different forums I hang out on I post the new comic shipping list that Diamond has handed down for arriving that week, and then I post my pulls. This is pretty much just a way for me to gush about all the great comics I'm reading these days. And perhaps pick up on what everyone else is reading on a week to week bases, perhaps spurring a bit of discussion.

So since I now know that the other side of the pond gets the same funny books as I do on a regular basis, it seems worth sharing my pull passion her too.

So yeah. Stand by for Comics!

Books & Comics / Does the UK have a weekly new comic shipping list?
« on: 08 March, 2012, 03:24:40 AM »
On a couple other sites I post a weekly thread about what new comics are coming out, and what's got me excited (my signature is derived from these threads). I've thought about doing the same thing here. But, because this is a predominately UK based fanbase I was worried that the UK sees a different US comics shipping schedual.

Does Diamond Distributors handle UK delivery of US material? If it ships in North America, does it come out the same week in the UK? Do US comics even have a presence in the UK? I'm really not sure how it works these days.

General / Is there a Rebellion edition of Zombo: Can I Eat You Please?
« on: 03 March, 2012, 05:19:38 AM »
I picked up the Zombo TP last year, enjoyed it. But I was sorting through my Rebellion and Simon & Schuster trades compiling a list of which was which, when I hit upon something odd.

Zombo, for as best I can tell, is a S&S trade. Its got the same cover stock they use, US and CAN pricing on the back, and it says its printed in the US on the inside copyright information. But what it doesn't say is Simon & Schuster anywhere in the copyright/credit info (like all the rest of the S&S TPs do).

So my question is, is there a UK Rebellion Edition and a US S&S Edition? Or was there just the S&S edition shipped over to the UK?

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