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If you follow me on twitter, you'll already know this, but my 10 year old son is becoming quite the little creative power house. He's written and drawn a 22 page comic called Why Not!? full of fun one / two page comic strips and jokes.

He's roped me in to ink and letter it too. And it's now available as a free download at there's a paypal link there if you enjoy it and want to donate money to tom to encourage him to do more (well, like all comic creatives he doesn't need the encouragement, but he loves the money...)

So if you want to read any of the following:

* Monkey Arms (the boy with the long arms)
Galaxy FC (two pager adventure strip!)
Electric Kid
Time Thief
Head Bump Hero
Mean Dean
Tim Teleport
Broken Reality
Element Man

Come and have a read!

Downloaded, read, and chucked a virtual coin over. Worth it for some of the shorts alone. Some fab writing in there, and here’s hoping he keeps this passion alive.

As a creator and flogger of humour comics at a similar age to Thomas, I am in complete awe and no little retrospective despondency. Some of the gag strips genuinely  remind me of Evan Dorkin, which is the very highest praise. Keep it up, that lad!

Well, we did it! A Second issue of Why Not!? (To be fair, it’s my fault it took this long, Tom was finished ages ago!)

More nonsense, and a free download - pick up Why Not !? #1 and Why Not!? #2 at

And read stuff like this...

I think I could read 100 pages of Space Dogs.


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