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Why Not!?

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--- Quote from: Richard on 07 August, 2019, 01:36:28 PM ---I think I could read 100 pages of Space Dogs.

--- End quote ---

You might be in luck, his plan is after finishing the monkey arms origin (which is more than halfway done by him now) it’ll be Why Not!? 3 and THEN a spacedogs comic.

At least that’s his plan (and he’s plotted about 50% of the spacedogs story out in a notebook)

Course school will be starting then, so we’ll see if the move to big school plays havoc with his schedule....

That's fantastic! My kids are clearly lazy morons.


Tom has done a 16 page xmas special, you can download from here:

All your favourites, MonkeyArms, SpaceDogs and Time Thief goes back in time to the first nativity...

Hope you like it!

Ill be getting this over the Christmas.
The previous ones were clever and fun, endorsed by James, 8 and me, 45.

Fans of Thomas's work will be delighted to know he's made a new comic FLY

Finn is a teenager who works at a trash job in a trashy home but little did he know his life would take a turn for the worst when a speeding car runs him over and he ends up in Hell. Since he live a good life he was turned into his least favourite animal, a fly, and since he didn’t go into the Brain Crusher – where memories and brains are erased before reincarnation- he still has all of his memories of being a human! Can Finn convince his friend that it’s really him and can he find a way out of this mess?!

Part 1 is 28 pages and can be downloaded here :


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